Sunday, June 2, 2013

Doon Delivers

Napkin Doon approached me with a low serial numbered card of one of my favorite players and wanted to work up some sort of deal. How could I resist? While I am not overly fond of the camo look, I hadn't even seen one of these puppies in person yet and was excited at the opportunity. (I'm not against what it represents, of course, I'm just not fan of it aesthetically. Let's just say I wasn't digging the Memorial Day uniforms.)

Doon also included a couple of packs from my young collector days. I've reached a point where I feel that I have to bust a pack if someone sends it to me, even if there's a guarantee that it won't contain anything I need to add to my collection. It's just good fun. I pulled this Bo Jackson Dream Team card from a 1990 Score pack. Now I just need to find someone to take my 1990 Score complete set off my hands, even though it's worth far less it would cost to ship it anywhere that isn't within walking distance of my home.

I couldn't resist scanning a Dan Quisenberry card, either. Just couldn't.

The other pack that Napkin Doon sent was a 1989 Topps pack. Let's just say I got a Wally Joyner card and leave it at that.


Play at the Plate said...

Camo play at the plate...nice!

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