Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Plain White Heroes

Compact trade packages from a White Sox guy.

I haven't quite gotten into the plain white envelope craze, mostly because I have too many cards to get rid of. In fact, if you contact me out of the blue, you're more than likely to get a bunch of team bags full of cards than just a couple that you think you need. Trust me. You need all my cards. Fortunately, there are people out there who are great at the PWE thing, like Jeff from 2x3 Heroes!

I responded to a couple of Jeff's posts over at APTBNL, and he was kind enough to set aside a couple of things for me and send them off with some odds and ends. One of the cards he sent was a Ducks card I'm holding out for a future GLD post as is my usual practice, so I'm just going to show off the other card here. This is another one of a seemingly unlimited number of Jim Edmonds cards from the decade of oughts that I didn't have in my collection. Now I have it. Isn't that fun?

I never expected to get a vintage card in a plain white envelope, but they make great vessels to carry well worn older cards. This flat-topped mug has a couple of creases, but it's going to look great in my Cardinal binders anyway.

Jeff also sent a few 2013 Topps Heritage needs that I was able to tick off of the want list. I'm down to needing just 7 plain old base cards while trying not to think about all of the SPs, variations and inserts that I don't have.

Finally, here's a card I needed from the nearly forgotten 2008 Upper Deck Goudey revival. I can't bring myself to scan a dreaded Lakers card and post it on this blog, especially not one of this jerkface. Instead, I scanned the back. And now that I'm reading the text on the back, I'm wishing I hadn't looked at it at all. AHH! IT BURNS MY EYES!

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