Tuesday, December 10, 2013


Cards cards from a Braves man.

The entire country has basically been frozen over for awhile now, so that's given me a bit of time to contemplate what I'm doing with my time, my collection, and... of course, the blog. There's a contest coming up that will surprise absolutely no one that has read these virtual pages over the years, and I'm still working on trying to drop a bunch of cards on people so I can clean up my desk.

Meanwhile, here are some cards that were sent to me from The Card Chop, who undoubtedly are excited that the Braves longtime manager Bobby Cox will be inducted into the Hall of Fame. His induction was announced this week along with a couple of fellow managers with Cardinal ties.

I'll jump right in to something the kids are calling 2013 Pinnacle. I like how Pinn... er... Panini went a little crazy with the Photoshop to make Craig look like a Giant for some reason. Actually, no, I don't like that at all.

But here's something I do really like, a rare Dizzy Dean base card variation from the 2010 Topps set. In ten years, will most be able to tell the difference between the 2010 Topps set and the 2013 Topps set? I'm pretty sure I won't.

Despite the scan, this card is smaller than standard size. It's a "Cream of the Crop" mini from this year's Bowman product. Actually, scratch that, it's a rare blue wave parallel version of a mini insert because... oh, I give up. It looks great! It's got fireballin' Trevor Rosenthal. That's enough for me.

And speaking of enough for me, I finally have a camoflage card in my collection. And the world can't have enough camo, can it? I actually recently doubled my Camo Card Collection (CCC) and you'll (OMINOUS FORESHADOWING) be able to see what I mean some other day.

Thanks again to The Card Chop, whose horribly delinquent return package should be there Tuesday for a hamburger today. I promise!

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  1. So what's going on w/ the blog? Have you hit the proverbial wall kinda like I have?


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