Tuesday, February 25, 2014

When Did Repacks Get Good?

Value in a blind grab blister pack?

I've read a number of things about repacks lately and was finally bored enough in a Walgreen's to buy something I usually know better not to. I tend to stay far away from the type of repacks that offer nothing to random chance, as in the ones that don't contain actual factory sealed packs. Something about the luck others have had lately and the strange card on the front that caught my eye made me plunk down $3.99 for a sharp plastic blister pack of 100 cards, and I wasn't disappointed at all.

The card that caught my eye, of course, is the Mickey Mantle All-Star Topps Heritage card, done in the style of 1961 Topps. At first, I thought this might be a short print that I was probably missing from the 2010 Topps Heritage set, but those cards actually say "Topps News" at the top instead of Sporting News. A little research while waiting in line led to the discovery that these cards are from some sort of promotional set that has to do with the 2011 National Convention. In any case, this isn't your typical dime box card and, even though I haven't figured out if I'm keeping it or not, it made the entire purchase worthwhile.

The rest is just gravy. Here's a sampling:

It's The Hawk, on a blue '87 Donruss card.

I'm pretty familiar with all of the rack pack All-Star Glossy inserts from '80s Topps cards, but I'd never seen this one before.

I'm not sure what this was doing in the middle of the pack. Usually the flashiest cards are facing the outside of the package in order to entice prospective buyers who can't decide what kind of toothpaste they want. Like me! There is a less than perfect corner to this card, but otherwise I'm really surprised to see an insert from Harper's rookie year set.

Whoa! An actual card for my collection. And it's serial numbered.

Hmm... weird mid-'90s card from a set I'm not familiar with.

I wonder how much a pack of 2005 Fleer Showcase would run you these days.

The newly elected Hall of Famer wants you to look at his eyes, man. Or he's flipping us off. I'm not entirely sure.

I have no idea who Dave Goltz is, but it's a sharp cornered card from 36 years ago. That has to count for something.

Poorly cut Captain Hank thinks this pack is weird.

Here's a trio of excellent pitchers, with only the guy on the left still at it today. (This card is only two years old.)

There was actually a second, equally as rare National card hidden in this pack. This is officially crazy.

How about a dazzling Wizard card that I actually needed for my collection?

Um... I like O-Pee-Chee.



  1. Dave Goltz is a swindler who stole an entire season's worth of money from the Dodgers in 1980 and also blew their shot at a spot in the 1980 NLCS because Lasorda was too chicken to start Valenzuela.

    Repacks rule.

  2. That's definitely one of the better repacks I've ever seen.

  3. Nice! They didn't put the Harper on the front because it would probably cause a riot in the store, and Walgreen's personnel aren't trained in that sort of thing...

  4. It's posts lik this that are keeping the rest of us buying repacks and pulling squat!

    Nice one...


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