Thursday, February 6, 2014

More 2014 Trade Bait

My first blaster of the year resulted in some good trade pieces.

A good number of you contacted me about my 2014 Topps post on Tuesday. I will get back to everyone after I'm done with this in case there are more cards that you all are looking for. In addition to the usual 5 packs, I also picked up a blaster. As usually, I'm game for trading anything in the box that doesn't fit in my Cardinals collection.

I like the rookie reprint patch cards a little better than the other manupatches, but I noticed that there are no Cardinals on the checklist this time around. I was hoping to pull one of the other patches (Allen Craig or Adam Wainwright?) but landed this Robin Yount rookie reprint instead. It's not bad. I'm sure it would make someone happy.

Awkward draft photos!

Here's my first "red hot foil" card, but my scanner makes it look a little closer to last year's pink parallels. This is probably the same color as a Jolly Rancher flavor, maybe watermelon?

Hammerin' Hank.

This is a nice follow-up to last year's amazing Jon Jay card. By the way, is anyone else sick of The Topps Font? This is the third time they've used some version of this font for player names in the past five years.

More Class.

I trashed on '89 Topps in my early post (and some comments elsewhere). I don't think the die cut minis themselves actually look that bad. I just don't really have any desire to remember 1989 Topps. I would love to see '81 Topps minis, though.

Is Puig the Justin Bieber of baseball? (I'm not totally joking!)

I already entered my code, guys, and I didn't win anything. The card is still available, though.

If the future is indeed Now, that sounds good to me. But apparently the future was not in the playoffs, because Shelby was nowhere to be seen. He was on the roster, sure, but there was just a cardboard cutout of his likeness propped up in the bullpen for the bullpen catcher to keep an eye on for some reason.

Another shocking pink foil.

Are there any Extreme Pitching Face collectors out there? I know some of you are into some pretty weird stuff, like turning double plays and all.

Since this was a Target box, I pulled a bunch of these red parallels - 20 in all. I'll list them here:

314 - Hanley Ramirez
315 - Jose Quintana
154 - Chris Iannetta
125 - Joe Mauer
272 - Carlos Villanueva
196 - Cole Hamels
258 - Jon Lester
10 - Junior Lake
289 - Matt Thornton
102 - Matt Lindstrom
141 - Chris Tillman
251 - Sergio Romo
18 - Jurickson Profar
297 - Max Scherzer
327 - Pablo Sandoval
214 - James Shields
79 - Garrett Jones
186 - Onelki Garcia
199 - Matt Davidson
316 - Mike Minor


  1. The Power Player cards are silly code cards? UGH. On other inserts I'm tired of parallel minis (except maybe A&Gs), not big on die-cuts either. I'm tired of the dozens of parallels in general, especially the Jeweled or sparkled ones. I never really liked the camouflage ones.

  2. I'd be interested in the Cabrera '89 mini. Lemme know if you wanna do a swap!

  3. I'll take the used code card and the red Mauer and the red Profar. Pweeeeeeese!

  4. 1981 minis! You are onto something sir.

  5. Could you hold the Minor for me? I'm saving up a trade stack for you!


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