Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Playoff Mode

It's hard to think about other things when there are playoffs to watch.

I took a journey over to COMC again while they're still in the middle of building a new database since Beckett took their ball and went home. I purchased some cards. I actually have a few cards available to purchase over there, but I don't like to talk about that here. I like to talk about trading here if anything.

So here's a card that isn't available for trade. It was one of my COMC purchases in honor of the Blazers playoff run. They got past the Rockets to advance to the second round in breathtaking fashion late last Friday and are currently up against the Spurs machine.

I'll post some of my baseball finds here at a later date. I chose the one Blazers card because I didn't really have a significant Wesley Matthews card. Year after year, I pick out a player on the team whose jersey I would buy if I was to decide to splurge on that sort of thing. It's usually an easy answer for me, but there are so many likable players on this year's team that it really would take some internal debate. I arrived at Wesley, finally. He's not the most talented player on the team, but he's the heart and hustle. And he's young and improving. He also did a tremendous job on James Harden during the previous series, holding the beard fetishist well below his season averages until the final game. Matthews was undrafted out of Marquette, but shined as a rookie in Utah. Portland threw countless sums of money at him and here we are today, with a deadly 3-point shooter who likes to post up and play defense.

Not everyone makes much of serial numbers around these parts, but I happened to notice a little something. 77. The Blazers won their championship in '77. Remember?

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