Sunday, May 11, 2014


Russ Adams has more trophies than you.

Earlier in the year, when Topps Series 1 was still fresh and new in everyone's minds, a few people put down some claims on some fresh cards that I had posted about after opening those first few packs. One of the claimants was The Baseball Card Snob, who responded by hitting up my want lists, something I highly recommend.

The Rookie Cup annals hold the names of many stars and players with solid careers, but occasionally Topps rolled out a trophy to a guy or two that ended up being quite a clunker. For every Justin Verlander or Prince Fielder type, there's going to be someone like Russ Adams out there. In fact, the 2006 Rookie Cup team looks a lot more impressive in 2014 than the 2005 team.

I really need to work on the 2006 Bazooka set. This means I need to buy some more packs. Packs are full of inserts and parallels, which are what I like the most about this particular set. The base cards are nothing super.

Well, sometimes your Ring of Honor includes a LOOGY who threw a total of one inning across two appearances in the World Series. Thanks, Topps, for honoring Tyler Johnson.

I've been getting the occasional Philadelphia Eagles card from traders lately, which is nice, as long as people don't go super overboard with this. Anthony Toney was a backup RB in Tecmo Super Bowl who would occasionally be deployed whenever Keith Byars was hurt and/or if someone was in 'BAD' condition. He probably did something in real life as well, but this card represents pretty well how a slow backup back would fair in an 8 bit game situation.

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