Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Two Buck Ducks

And stay tuned for an announcement of sorts.

I should probably just start asking people to title their own trade posts here more often. On the suggestion of Too Many Manninghams, who sent over these fine autographed Ducks items out of the blue, I went with the obvious title choice. Dennis picked up a couple of Demetrius Williams rookie autos for a buck a pop recently and I am thrilled to own them. One of the cards is an on card autograph, while the other contains a hideous enormous oval shaped signed sticker. Can you guess which one I like the best?

D-Will was a standout receiver for the Ducks, one of the best in the program's history. He was a product of the last days of Oregon's offense resembling something somewhat conventional, and I have to think that their playing style at the time helped prepare him for a professional future. As thrilling as the Ducks have been in the past half a dozen seasons, their style and size of athletes they typically recruit doesn't always translate to major pro success. This was a program that, even in their many (many) lean years, always managed to turn out quality NFL players. I'm not griping, however, because the NFL is not very interesting to me and I certainly can't argue with the success of the program of late. Williams, for what it's worth, got some game action with the Ravens on and off during his 4 years in Baltimore, but didn't really stick as a core player for whatever reason.

This, incidentally, is Two Buck Chuck. The budget priced Trader Joe's wine was never actually priced at $2 at any point to my recollection in the great state of Oregon, likely due to exorbitant taxes on importing wine here. Apparently there was a price hike awhile back, so now it's not $2 anywhere. I'll put the blame on, I don't know, jerks.


Housekeeping notes: the blog is going dark for a little while. I haven't really bought any baseball cards all summer, though there's a next-to-zero chance that I'm planning on stopping my card purchases. We'll do this again around the second week of August. In the interim, I may be posting compressed thoughts a little more often on the beast that is Twitter, though it's questionable whether I'll say anything about sports cards. It could happen? Who knows?

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  1. No going dark. I can't allow it. You are going to force me to send you cards that you will have to post about.


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