Monday, July 7, 2014

Thorzul Group Break Results

Any time you wind up with a serial numbered Chuck Finley card, things are golden.

Late in the spring, Thorzul held a group break where he divvied up a bit lot of craziness that he purchased online. I haven't participated in many group breaks lately (too many Cardinals fans and not enough money to go around, I guess) but Thorzul knows what he's doing and I happened to read about it at the right time. The Cards cards did not disappoint. I'm just showing a few of them.

Would it have been so crazy for Topps to actually use a border color that was generally well received as their base color? I know, I know, that would open up the doors to the concept of white parallels inserted into retail packs, but that's a fair trade-off. I'm sick of white bordered cards. Really sick.

I've been slowly cataloging my Waino collection and am pretty happy with the way things are turning out. Once I finish his cards off on Zistle in the next day or so, I will have all of my PCs online, scanned (if necessary) and up-to-date. How's that for efficiency? If you're bored and you have cards, I strongly suggest you check out any of the links at the side to see if I need any of those cards that you are hanging on to for no reason.

This might be the juiciest card in the lot as Yadi cards can be pretty pricey these days. Alas, it's going to Erin's collection and I'll have to go find my own someday. This is a photo variation of Molina's All-Star card from last year's Update set.

Finally, a pair of 2014 Gypsy Queen jersey cards were found among the assortment. I don't really understand why Topps has felt the need to do both framed and full memorabilia cards. This is happening more and more in A&G now as I've heard. The framed cards look nice. If you're going to bother making them, just roll with that.

Both of these jersey cards feature new Cardinals acquisitions, which means that the mystery piece of memorabilia has nothing to do with St. Louis. That's okay, though. As long as they didn't come from some shirt hanging up in a mall store, I suppose...


  1. I don't have a problem with the yellow color, I have a problem that it's an orange/rust color in the series 2 -- what's up with that?!


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