Sunday, October 26, 2014

A Chrome Blaster

Let's get this blog business back on track with a box of shiny Chrome cards.

I don't normally buy many Chrome cards because they leave you very short-handed on the cards-per-dollar spectrum, but they almost always look really nice. Topps Update wasn't in the store I went to (yet) and I had a $3 off coupon, so I went for it, crossing my fingers that I'd get a Cardinal or two and a few pieces of trade bait.

Bonus pack:

217 - Aaron Hill Purple Refractor - The "bonus pack" in each blaster is a pack full of purple refractors. They look okay, but I prefer blue and orange. A couple of these were a bit off-center, but not nearly as much as my scanner would lead you to believe.

44 - Adam Wainwright Purple Refractor - Great addition to my collection!

20 - Hanley Ramirez Purple Refractor

39 - Mike Moustakas Purple Refractor - Moose tacos! Go Royals!

Pack 1:
151 - C.J. Cron

143 - Shelby Miller

127 - Tanner Roark Refractor
201 - David Ortiz

Pack 2:
157 - Michael Cuddyer
205 - Ryan Zimmerman
156 - Evan Gattis
38 - Carlos Gomez - Bleh.

Pack 3:
174 - Chase Utley

189 - Madison Bumgarner X-Fractor - This is also the photo they used for his base card which might be my least favorite of the year.
167 - Pablo Sandoval - Back-to-back Giants. That makes me sad.

54 - Carlos Martinez - This redeems this pack a little bit, I guess.

Pack 4:
28 - Joey Votto
183 - Brandon Moss

98 - Erik Johnson Refractor
40 - Wilin Rosario

Pack 5:
117 - Aroldis Chapman
32 - CC Sabathia
64 - Brandon Phillips - So many Reds.
129 - Johnny Cueto - GAH

Pack 6:
173 - Giancarlo Stanton

CC-TT - Troy Tulowitzki Chrome Connections Die-Cut Refractor - This is really nice, but it's headed to Erin's collection.
150 - Bryce Harper
135 - Martin Prado

Pack 7:
88 - Michael Choice

74 - Dexter Fowler Gold Refractor 10/50 - Here's the big hit and, man, if it was almost anyone but Dexter Fowler... oh well. Not sure what to do with this yet.
191 - Joe Nathan
36 - Josh Hamilton

Enjoy the World Series tonight. Hopefully Bumgarner will forget how to pitch.


  1. Bumgarner has a great case of "pitcher face" on that chrome card.

  2. Still cool that you pulled a color parallel. They seem a lot harder this year to get. Maybe you should try to contact the blog Remember the Astrodome. He would probably trade you for it.

  3. I will most assuredly trade you for that Dexter Fowler. Shoot me an email and let's work something out.


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