Monday, October 6, 2014

Most Wanted No More

Another team set is complete.

While it might have been more topical to scan a Kolten Wong or Matt Carpenter card tonight, I thought I'd focus on a guy that pitched in 12 games for the Cardinals 6 years ago, and returned to relative obscurity soon after that. Mike Parisi was called to the rotation in desperation during a season in which little went right.

Yes, Cardinals haters, there once was a time not long ago where the Cardinals missed the playoffs in back to back seasons and didn't exactly inspire anyone. Adam Kennedy got significant playing time. Todd Wellemeyer led the team in ERA. And back in 2008, Parisi made a couple of sloppy starts before retreating to the bullpen, and eventually a couple of other professional organizations in a minor league role. He last pitched in independent ball in 2013.

His card was also the last card I needed to complete my team set in the frustrating 2008 Upper Deck Timeline set. The ratio of David Ortiz (card #30) to Parisi cards must be somewhere near 7000 to 1, so it took me awhile to track this down. Fortunately, a Listia auction came through for me and I can sleep just a tad bit more soundly at night. A new contender has replaced Parisi in the Most Wanted charts. Let me know if you can help out.

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  1. Congrats on finishing the team set. I know the frustration of this set first hand, I actually put the entire set together. I still need 4 Giants to finish my team set.


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