Thursday, February 12, 2015

2015 Topps: The Blaster

What is a blaster supposed to be, anyway? Where did that name even come from?

Here are my final thoughts on 2015 Topps Series One as I take a look what I got in my blaster last week. I will probably buy a few more packs here and there, but that will probably be it. There aren't a lot of Cardinals in this set for once. I'm not complaining, though.

As you can see above, the manufactured memorabilia hit is a Tulo card, which works out well if your name is Erin. These "cards" are more like bricks, and they are very heavy. You could seriously injure someone with one of these if you so desired.

This is supposedly a "Baseball History" insert, but I don't think they were playing any kind of baseball on the moon.

Here's another "rainbow foil" parallel. It turns out that these are nearly as rare as the golds.

That's some nerve you've got there, Topps!

Deion Sanders hit 39 home runs in his career, one fewer than Nelson Cruz hit last season. This is an extremely stupid baseball card.

Wright doesn't look 10+ years younger here (this is supposed to be from 2004 if you can't read the foil) but the patch on his sleeve seems to match one the Mets wore that season. Maybe GCRL can verify this.

These are pretty busy looking and the year is displayed as prominently as the player.

New Guy, Old Guy. Matt Harvey has a teenage mustache.

This seems legit. Look at those awful vests the Pirates used to wear, along with Bautista's hilarious sleeves.

Oh man, I started this blog that year (2008) and seeing Hamilton in a Reds jersey doesn't seem weird at all.

Josh Hamilton was also my gold card o' the blaster.

I don't care about these at all. This is yet another card to put in the "NO TEAM" section of my trade-able inserts box that I'll never get rid of.

These are great. I wish current Cardinals made great defensive plays in the outfield that could be captured on a baseball card.

I wish he was beating the crap out of Robin Ventura on this card instead of this.

How did Randy Johnson not catastrophically tear his arm up at some point in his career? That might be what amazes me the most.

You don't see many cards of Red Schoendienst these days in another uniform besides the Cardinals. So this doesn't go in my binder? Aw, man.

This will have to do.


  1. Any interest in parting with the Arenado rainbow? I'm sure I have something nice in exchange.

  2. I think the fact that Topps is using the old photos is what makes the "First Home Run" insert interesting to me.
    I've been sorting the First Pitch cards by the home ballpark - so I would call the one pictured a Red Sox card, even though the subject is not.

  3. I think the Apollo 11 baseball connection is that you picked up a couple of Rockies hits in the blaster. Playing baseball in Colorado is sort of like playing on the moon.

  4. I'd call that Meb FIrst Pitch insert a Red Sox card. I'll also take it off your hands if you want to trade it... :-)

  5. Randy Johnson was so mean that his tendons were afraid to tear.

    Every Nolan Ryan card should feature a photo of the Ventura fight. That would be my one exception to the request for Topps to stop repeating photos.

  6. I would be very interested in the Bob Feller insert on this post and the Carlos Santana on one of your previous posts, if you are interested in trading them. Let me know...

  7. As I understand it, the term "blaster" is a play on the smaller "blister pack."

  8. Nice post. A few thoughts:

    - Don't give up hope on the Meb Kefnifhaglzi card just yet. There has to be at least one marathon runner supercollector out there. You just have to find him first.

    - Interesting Red Schoendienst card. Also interesting is that no matter when a picture was taken of the guy, he always looks at least 74 years old.

    - I also call foul on the David Wright. That dude looked like he just lost his pacifier when he came up, and he looks much older in that photo. I think the year-correct patch was shooped in to complete the forgery.


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