Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Someone Put Music in My Sportsball Cards

Collectibles are not always the baseball kind.

Jack White's insert card in the 2015 Topps set sparkled a fair amount of pop culture interest. Though it wasn't quite the mopey freeze frame of his visit to Wrigley Field that sparked a million memes, it did become an interesting conversation piece as the new Topps Series One was rolled out. It's funny how the mainstream media gets ahold of (or is fed) a story like this at the beginning of every season. No one is talking baseball cards on cable television by the time Series Two rolls around, or even by the time something like Bowman first hits the shelves.

If it was ten years ago, I might have really enjoyed this card. I liked The Big Lebowski well enough that I might have gotten a kick out of the Jeff Bridges card as well. This stuff just seems unnecessary to me now, but I'm not sure why. I own all of the White Stripes records, but I can't say I'm a big fan of Jack White the person in the screechy celebrity era. The story of his tour rider was amusing enough for a few minutes, but now that there's been multiple responses penned in return, I'm really tired of it already. The next time you see this guy on the screen, are you going to talk about his music, his baseball card or his touring crew's very specific guacamole recipe?

It's a cute idea, Topps, but I could have used another Adam Wainwright card instead. This one is up for grabs.

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