Wednesday, August 10, 2016

The Knowns and the Unknowns

Some guys I've never heard of and some guys you've probably heard of. 

Nary a week goes by here at Cards on Cards that I don't talk about Wainwright this and Ozzie Smith that. I should probably give a little time to some of the players who didn't get much time themselves, and I found plenty of the cards sent to me recently by The Angels, In Order to be of the unknown or under-known variety.

Donovan Graves was... [quick Google search] a late draft pick of the Cardinals back in 1999. He spent 5 years in the Cardinals system primarily as a starting pitcher, but he couldn't breakthrough past A-ball.

You know this guy. Here's a gold parallel of his 2011 Bowman Platinum card. Holliday is in the final season of his deal signed with the Cardinals after he was traded in 2009. The team has an option for next season, but it's an expensive one.

A stray football player found his way into the stack, but it's okay - Huff is both a Duck and an Eagle, even if he's not all that well known.

Mendez spent 7 seasons in the Cardinals organization, but didn't hit for much as positions (OF and 1B) typically known for hitting.

Keith Johns, whose Baseball-Reference photo comes from this very card, got into 2 games and logged 1 PA in the big leagues, back in 1998 with Boston.

Martini currently plays for AAA Memphis. This blue Bowman Chrome refractor probably isn't going to buy me lunch anywhere, but I'm a sucker for blue refractors!

Stephen Piscotty is veering into more of a known territory. After his hot start to the season, his numbers have regressed to the mean a little bit, but he's having a nice season in his first full one in the majors.

Kolten Wong has had his ups and downs, and not a lot in-betweens. He was demoted this season, briefly, and came back as an outfielder. That was weird. I think he could benefit from either a regular role on this team or a regular role on another team, if the Cardinals were able to get something of value for him.

Tom was also kind enough to gift me a copy of this Stan Musial book, which was a great surprise. It came complete with a vintage newspaper clipping and another story cut out of a magazine, tucked in the folds. Great stuff. I will save it for a rainy afternoon, of which there are many in Portland.

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