Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Why Do I Collect Steve Garrabrants?

It's more of a rhetorical question. 

Nothing against Steve Garrabrants, who I'm sure is a wonderful person, but when I win auctions on cards like this it really makes me wonder what I'm doing with my time. Garrabrants was a career minor league who spent 4 years in the Diamondbacks system. Like some of the players I mentioned in last night's post, he's more of an unknown. He's not from my hometown and I have no personal connection to him. He's not even pictured wearing the garb of my baseball team of choice. He's just a thing to collect, because I decided I wanted all of the things in the 2006 Bowman Heritage set.

I have a choice in these matters, but this is another reminder of how silly all this is. I never saw Mr. Garrabrants play, and I won't be able to tell anyone any stories about him one day. At least I will probably remember, at some point down the road, that Ruben Tejada got into a handful of games with the Cardinals back in the mid-2010s and couldn't do much to rejuvenate a sputtering defense or hit his way out of a wet paper bag. But Garrabrants? Maybe the Google overlords will spare Blogger for another decade or so and we'll have this blog post to remember.


night owl said...

This is why I don't like the inclusion of players who haven't played in major league games in flagship sets. If you're collecting the set years later you're collecting people with which you have no connection. Save it for Bowman.

Fuji said...

Who knows... maybe one day Mr. Garrabrants will stumble across this post, reach out to you, and you'll become friends.

By the way... thank you for the super traders package. I wrote up a post, but forgot to email you. Here's a link...