Tuesday, January 24, 2017

A Bunch of Jablonski

The trade winds blow from @adamk0310 and Infield Fly Rule. 

As I ponder another collecting organization dilemma (Zistle vs. The Trading Card Database), it's time to sort through some more stuff I received last month as part of a flurry of activities around the holidays. Infield Fly Rule is all about the Rockies, and a number of my personal collections involve players who came through Colorado at some point during their career, so it's a good trading fit.

In fact, this was a rare junk wax need, a card depicting the Big Cat's lost season in St. Louis -- complete with shiny new expansion team logo.

Matt Holliday is now a former Cardinal as well as former Rockie, which, again, is going to take some getting used to. I didn't Own this Own the Game insert, but now I do in fact Own it.

My DK collection has gone into a bit of a state of neglect, so it was nice to finally add something to it. I am lacking in cards from his Rockies days.

From the same set, Luis Ordaz didn't make much of an impact in his career, sporting a career .522 OPS. Yikes.

Adam also sent a whole pile of cards for Erin's collections, which will have to be sorted through on another rainier day. This is one of Tulo's last cards with Colorado, from 2015 Topps Archives in the style of 1983.


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Adam Kaningher said...

Almost looks like one of my own posts.

Glad you needed a few of these, even 1993 Donruss!