Thursday, January 12, 2017

Contest Results!

I'm gonna need some addresses from a few of you. 

Before I get into the details, I am going to need the following people to send me an email with your current mailing address:

  • MrHaverkamp
  • Raz
  • Rhubarb_Runner
  • Need More Cardboard
Got it? Good. Collectively, our group was not very good at picking bowl games, but some were better than others. Raz picked the most games correctly, but it's MrHaverkamp who came away the overall winner by scoring the most points.

And yes, Rhubarb_Runner was last again. Someone is really going to have to start drinking heavily and take him down next year with some faulty predictions. (By the way, I finished in 65,337th place nationally.)

As mentioned previously on the blog, Need More Cardboard and were the co-winners of the Belk portion of the contest. I still need addresses from all.

Thanks for playing!


Wilson said...

Congrats to the winners, and thanks for having the Bowl contest every year.

B Man said...

Next year my friend next year

AdamE said...

Rhubarb didn't did as bad as you think. He beat me by 150 points.

Anonymous said...

My email address is here:
Thanks again for the contest!

I hate to post my "strategy" because it will no doubt be duplicated by everyone, but:

- always pick Mizzou, Minnesota, UCLA
- never pick USC, Notre Dame, Nebraska, Alabama
- pick Big 10 teams
- pick against SEC teams and Pac 10 teams
- pick against Texas teams

Mix well with a Bailey's on the rocks. Your results may vary.