Monday, October 2, 2017

Another Season in the Books

Kolten Wong & Co. sign off on 2017. 

For the second straight year, there was a bit of a premature end to the Cardinals baseball season. The playoffs are coming up, and after the Wild Card games I will likely throw my support behind another team (hopefully the Yankees, to be perfectly honest.)

As far as the Cardinals go, aside from this presenting a decent opportunity to show off a Kolten Wong photo variation card that I won recently from Listia, I am not sure what to say. At this time last season, I fully expected Mike Matheny to either be fired or given the chance to play out the rest of his contract while the team pondered successors. The Cardinals instead gave him an extension. While I haven't really given up on the players at this point, the whole really seems to be less than the sum of its part. Things have gotten stagnant. You can look at teams like Milwaukee and feel more excited about their future, and that's troublesome.

Mostly, I'll miss the long baseball regular season and all of the possibilities it holds. I'll watch bits and pieces of the playoffs and at least hope for a compelling matchup in the World Series (i.e. not Cubs/Red Sox. No thanks!) Soon enough, I'll be wondering about the Cardinals next trade target/free agent signing and questioning if there was a real reason why Juan Nicasio was available late in the season.

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  1. I think I'm going to pull for the Nats because I'm a big Harper fan.

    I've been reading a lot that the Cards will look to move some outfielders since they have about 72 of them. I'm sure they will be in the market for a controllable starter as well if Lynn leaves. That was a pretty shrewd move to get rid of the Leake deal so I'm guessing their is cash to play with.


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