Wednesday, May 30, 2018

CardConNW '18: As I See Them

Meet up in person and exchange cards - a novel concept. 

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Next up in our look at stuff I got from dudes in a recent meetup is gcrl of cards as i see them and numerous past blogging projects. His visit to Portland was the cause for the whole occasion in the first place, as everyone else lives somewhere in the local area.

Vintage is going to be a much bigger priority of mine going forward, now that I've nearly finished cataloging my entire Cardinals collection on TCDB, so it was great to get my hands on a couple of 1961 Post cards. I'm told there are lots of variations in these older food issues, but I'm happy just having any of these at the moment.

This shiny Piscotty card takes us back to the present-ish. It's an insert from the 2017 Topps Chrome set. I don't know why I am having such a hard time keeping these straight from the inserts in the flagship 2017 Topps set (and those shiny hobby promotional cards from the same year and same design.)

This was my first look at this year's Gypsy Queen set, as gcrl snagged a couple of things from the local Target store to open at the taproom. The Cardinals miss DeJong's bat right about now.

This was also my first look at Panini's Donruss offering. The '84 throwback look is nice. The Photoshopped uniforms leave everyone cold, however.

Also included were a trio of Topps Opening Day cards, also my first. I chose the only non-injured Cardinal among them. Flaherty has looked good in his few big league starts so far this season.

Some of my set needs were also fulfilled. This old-school ATM card was easily my favorite of the lot. Is she reading the manual? I really wish I could see what her bank card looked like.

Finally, here's one of those sorta stealthy inserts from an Allen & Ginter set that Topps likes to put out on occasion. The most confusing thing about this set to me is that it's not numbered. I only have 3 of these cards to date, although it looks like the bulk of the set (if online checklists are to be trusted) could be acquired fairly cheaply from COMC. I'll have to look into this later.

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  1. I live right near that bank! I will have to take a wallet card photo. And get that card!


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