Monday, June 4, 2018

The Announcement Before The Announcement

The 10th Anniversary Group Break/Giveaway sign-ups are coming soon. Like, tomorrow soon.

Is it really a Group Break when there's no cost to participate? Is it a giveaway? Ten years ago this month, I signed on with some nonsensical post, a baseball card and an old digital camera. Tomorrow, I will begin taking entries for spots in a free group break. There will be minor league cards, autographs, junk, non-junk, and even some opportunities for stuff from other sports. I am even tossing in the contents of some recent Bowman mega box purchases (sans this Harrison Bader card, of course, because I am mean.)

I teased this a couple of times already, but the details will be here tomorrow. Think about what team you want to collect, or perhaps surprise a buddy with. Think about how happy I will be when someone finally picks the Marlins for something.

Sign-ups begin at the scheduled start time of the first pitch of tomorrow's (6/5) Marlins/Cardinals game. (This is a big game! Carlos Martinez and Yadi are back!) The post will be live here on this blog at that time.

Thanks for reading, everyone.


  1. Ten years blogging- that's dedication! Congrats! Hope to participate in the break. See you then!

  2. Awesome! If the baby allows me a moment to get on the blogs, I'll be sure to sign up!

  3. I surpassed 8 years of my card blog back in February. Congrats on your 10 year anniversary!

  4. Congrats Kerry on making it to 10 years! I am still debating about starting a new blog someday. Anyway, looking forward to your contest/giveaway.


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