Wednesday, August 29, 2018

Variety Pack

Buckstorecards is all about variety. 

Whenever I get something in the mail from Sportscards From The Dollar Store, I know that it's never going to be boring. Usually all three, and sometimes four, major sports are represented, and that was certainly the case with the stuff I got back in May. I actually got two packages from our friend within the span of a couple of weeks. I'll save the second one for a later post.

Plenty of Trail Blazers were to be had, included a whole stack of Panini Prizm Mosaic cards. I guess I can't fully blame Panini for the rainbow parallel madness that has affected some of their products because they probably learned it by watching Bowman.

The cards all have this diamond shaped design to them, and were made available as a completely separate set from the regular Prizm product. Necessary? Probably not. But they look good.

The base (?) card scanned the best. Biggie Swanigan looks good here. It'll be interesting to see if Swanigan can get more playing time this season with Ed Davis (sigh...) out of the picture.

Boom! From the present to the (not so distant past) with a low numbered Nic Batum card. Batum was one of my favorites in his time with Portland, though I usually find it easy to root for most Blazers. This one is numbered 24/25.

Back to the present we go with Big Zach Collins, or Big Zach as I like to call him. Or just Zach. I don't really talk about him much, actually.

Whenever new baseball prospect sets come out, I am always scratching my head over the player names. I don't know any of these guys! I ended up with a few of these Panini Elite Extra Edition cards, including this Aspirations parallel of a guy named Johan Oviedo. He's young.

Football! AHH! Football (college, anyway) is starting up this week, and I am super not ready for it. Jay Ajayi proved to be the final piece of the puzzle for the Eagles, who shocked the league and won the Super Bowl after, well, shocking the league by being the best team in the regular season.

Ducks... game... in... less than 3 days! I need to work on my breathing routines.

Finally, here's a cool shiny serial numbered Donovan McNabb card for my Eagles collection. When I think of McNabb these days, I mostly think of playing NFL2K, which was pretty great until someone ruined my fun and took their license away.

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