Thursday, April 11, 2019

Just in Time

Another timely trade post. 

Dennis of Too Many Verlanders / Manninghams sent me a grouping of fun Cardinals and Ducks stuff right before Christmas. In the spirit of the season... whatever season this is (spring?)... I thought I'd release these scans free to the world. Let's, uh, pretend that this was sitting in my scan folder and I didn't just get around to this tonight.

Along with the numbered (to 9000!) Ron Gant card you see at the top of the post, this refractor version of Matt Adams' 2015 Topps Chrome card was a welcome addition to my collection. The Gant card makes me wish all cards were serial numbered, just so we'd be better informed of the sometimes hilariously high production numbers of certain sets. The weird thing is, cards from the '90s that have serial numbers in the thousands are sometimes worth considerably more than stuff that's produced today that's numbered to 199 or whatever. Supply and (especially) demand are strange beasts.

Topps Tribute -- always keeping it classy! Waino had a really nice second start this season, striking out 9 Padres in 6 innings and holding the opposition to 1 run. After an incredibly rare Friday off day for the team, he takes the hill in Monterrey, Mexico against the Reds on Saturday.

As a fellow college football enthusiast, Dennis always finds some amazing Ducks and Ducks-related cards to send me. You'd be hard pressed to spot the actual subject of this card, but the logo patch looks cool and that's Jeremiah Johnson's signature on it.

This one's even more impressive, somehow combining the printing plate concept with an autograph. What will they think of next? I think this makes just the third 1/1 card in my collection if I'm thinking correctly. That's Dion Jordan on the card/plate, a former top pick who recently resurrected his playing career with the Seattle Seahawks.


  1. Jeremiah sure got his signature into a lot of products, he must have been signing cheap, cause I can't imagine that all of these companies thought that he was going to be a big name in the NFL. And it's hard to believe that someone would just send someone else a signed printing plate just because... that really is crazy!

  2. Hey, don't feel bad! I just posted cards received in the Fall! Tribute is a favorite of mine. I try to win these in lots to share around the blogs.


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