Monday, July 8, 2019

Stadium Club of Thrones

It's a pack break of that new stuff. 

I blew through a lot of money on my vacation that week, so card funds will probably be a bit limited this month. Of course, this always the time that I actually managed to find something interesting on the shelves. I managed to keep myself to just a single "value" pack of the new Stadium Club set during some errands last night. Let's take a look at those cards right now.

104 - Corbin Burnes - Burnes is new, but he will always remind me of the L.A. Law (and Psych!) actor Corbin Bernsen.

26 - Cal Ripken Jr. - One of the great challenges of these sets must be finding new photos to use every season for their crop of retired players. This shot of Ripken isn't immediately familiar to me, though a fan of his would probably recognize this from somewhere.

126 - Billy Hamilton - It looks like the already offensively limited Hamilton has struggled even by his standards so far with his new team.

63 - Dustin Pedroia - The player name font reminds me quite a bit of a certain recently ended HBO series.

108 - Willians Astudillo - I honestly have no real idea who this is, so it was a bit surprising to not see an RC logo on the front of this. I've only heard his name mentioned in passing among folks in one of my fantasy leagues.

245 - Lou Gehrig - I don't mind colorized photos on cards for some reason, but this one seems a bit weird to me for whatever reason.

44 - Alex Bregman - I had Bregman winning the Home Run Derby tonight in a contest, but he didn't make it out of the opening round. I suppose I was impressed with what he did last year? I'm not really sure.

BT-22 - Christian Yelich Beam Team - These inserts have long been the jewel of the Stadium Club experience, at least since they premiered (in NBA cards maybe?) This one seems a bit less fancy to me.

32 - Trey Mancini Sepia - Topps brought back their sepia/orange parallels for another year.

193 - Byron Buxton - Not a bad photo from what I assume was an on-field stretching exercise and not totally posed or anything.

192 - Sandy Koufax - Are there really not that many photos of Koufax? This one seems very familiar. He wasn't a pre-war guy or anything.

246 - Juan Soto - I don't think much of the Nationals, but I love this card. It looks great.

So there we have it. I do post the occasional pack break over at APTBNL, but I hadn't done one here in awhile. I'll probably hang on to most of these (inserts aside) for awhile and then talk myself out of collecting this set in a couple of months, because I never finish anything.


  1. You're probably thinking of the Koufax perfect game photos in which he's usually holding multiple baseballs. This is a different, earlier moment.

  2. That Soto is sweet! I'm crossing my fingers in hopes of adding the complete 300 card set to my collection very, very soon.

  3. That pack certainly had some good value. Yelich, Cal, Koufax, Gehrig, and a parallel. The Soto is really nice, too.

  4. I like the Buxton photo during the stretching routine. That's something that most players go through everyday but you never see cardboard reflecting it.


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