Thursday, September 12, 2019

The Beaniest

Cardinals and more from @beansbcardblog include a bunch of retail store exclusives.

When I think of the name Bean's Ballcard Blog, it always makes me think of a certain Futurama episode where Leela became a Blernsball (not at all like baseball) player.

This doesn't really have much to with anything, but it serves as an introduction to a post about a bunch of cards I got from Kin of (you guessed it!) Bean's Ballcard Blog.

I always love getting minor league cards, and that goes doubly so for what goes down as my oldest Paul DeJong card, tying it with the one copy of his "paper" 1st Bowman card from the same year. I need more DeJong cards in my life.

Shelby Miller is one of the cursed Cardinals mega prospects of this decade. I hope he figures it out or gets it together or whatever it is that these star athletes can do, someday.

Adron Chambers, the human victory cigar from the Cardinals run to the 2011 World Series is looking absolutely celebratory on this X-Fractor.

My favorite part of this package, however, was the slew of retail exclusive parallels from a three-plus year run where there was a bit of an incentive to buying regular old Topps flagship packs from Target (and the dreaded Walmart).

Kin also sent over a few set needs, like this floating head Chris Carpenter sticker from 2012 Topps Heritage. Good stuff all around.


  1. Kin is one of the best! He does so much for his fellow bloggers, and never gets any credit for it... yet he keeps doing it anyway!

  2. Great stuff. Those Target exclusives pair up nicely with your Cardinals.


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