Wednesday, February 26, 2020

More Cards from the Bubble Man

Things are blowin' up. 

Another day, another wonderful bubble mailer from Bob at The Best Bubble. This one was full of Cardinals and Trail Blazers, with a really nice dual jersey card for my favorite personal collection. Let's dig in, as they say.

Right off the bat, here's a red Crown Royale parallel of a red clad J.D. Drew. Drew's lasting legacy is that he brought Adam Wainwright to town, who continues to soldier on as we speak. J.D. Drew cards make me happy in this roundabout way.

The Final Boss may have returned to his native country to continue his career, but the cards (and the parallels... oh the parallels) live on. This is one of those fancy Prism (not Prizm!) refractors that some have compared to fish scales. I can see it.

Here's that memorabilia card that I hinted at. Check out the baby blue swatch for Ozzie's section. It's a little out of place with the picture they used of him, but I like it. Let's just hope that not all of Upper Deck's shenanigans resulted in phony jersey cards. Isn't that more of a Panini thing?

Also as mentioned previously, there were Blazers cards. Nice! Wesley is a favorite of the blog, so this is doubly nice. I've complained about this Trail Blazers logo recently, but another older one that I never thought would see the light of day again resurfaced at the 2000's Decade Night on Sunday... let's just say I appreciate this one a little bit more after being reminded of this particular travesty.

Jarrett Jack helped usher in the era of the Blazers wearing "Portland" across their road uniforms, something that would continue today if Nike didn't eliminate the entire concept of home and road uniforms.

Big thanks again to Bob!


  1. Jarrett Jack had a pretty good run in Portland. He was drama-free, and has some really good games... it's funny how not very much time has passed, and yet I'm already feeling nostalgic for that particular period of the team's history.

  2. I enjoy collecting memorabilia cards, but I honestly don't trust any of the card companies anymore when it comes to game used authenticity.


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