Monday, February 3, 2020

Waiting for Spring

A few cards from @Lost_Collector while the anticipation awaits. 

With the super duper football spectacle firmly in the books (congrats to Andy Reid, Lil' Mahomes and KC!), it's officially baseball season as far as I'm concerned. Let's take a look at some baseball cards from long time blogger and trading dude The Lost Collector.

Here's a rare foilboard card that actually scanned pretty well. There's a couple of weird gouge marks towards the bottom of the card that aren't actually present on the card, though. It's probably time to do some scanner maintenance.

Okay, fine, there's just two baseball cards to look at tonight. It's a trick! AJ sent me more than two Cardinals cards, of course, but I really felt like scanning more of the Blazers he sent for some reason, like this wintery Al-Farouq Aminu card from last season. Portland certainly misses the key players that left the team after their playoff run last season, but they seem to be turning a bit of a corner now in the 2019-20 season... finally.

Here's a Panini Contenders card before they fully dropped the Playoff branding and made the sets look pretty much the same every year. Marcus Camby was a fun player with the Blazers.

Another ex-Blazer (current Milwaukee Buck) Pat Connaughton is here on an insert design that is one of Panini's best efforts at replicating a classic Donruss look. I mean, it's not exactly the same (bears the most resemblance to the 1988 The Rookies box set), but it feels right. They went for white borders instead of blue here.

Here's another look at Panini Contenders, although this is from the Draft Picks set that confusingly includes veteran NBA players in their NBA uniforms. I don't get it. Damian Lillard has been playing like he activated God Mode for the past couple of weeks and shows no sign of slowing down, so I had to find a way to get a Dame card into a post tonight is basically what I'm saying.

Finally, here's blog fave Wesley Matthews while on his way out the door in Portland. His time with the Blazers was undone by an untimely Achilles tear as his contract was expiring, which, well... sucked.

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  1. Hopefully you could have used a few of these. I have another group of Blazers/Cards set aside.


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