Friday, August 14, 2020

Free Stuff Friday: Vol. 9

This week is all about football. Read to the end for a group break announcement! #FreeStuffFriday  UPDATED 08/16/2020 11:15 PM PDT

I always say that I don't really collect football cards, but I do have a fairly extensive collection of cards of Oregon Ducks players that I've built up over the years. I'm also at the point in the pandemic where I might actually catalog all of my Philadelphia Eagles cards, which have remained completely unsorted and untouched for years now. So in the spirit of the game that is not my favorite game, here are some other football cards that I don't need.

The first four in the first image are serial numbered, but nothing else is. Also, the two Marino cards aren't in perfect shape by any means. The die cut Warrick is marked as a promo card. CLAIMED: Dunn, Hayward

A lot of these cards are leftovers from a lot that I found at Goodwill and decided to bring home with me for some reason. There aren't a ton of big names, but I tried to scan cards of names I've heard of at least. CLAIMED: Harbaugh, George, Sharpe, McDuffie, Frerotte, Smith, Anderson

I think these are all base cards, but it is a nice looking set. CLAIMED: ALL


More of that same Donruss Preferred set, plus a few early '90s inserts. CLAIMED: Collins, Singletary, Greene, Lott, Stewart, Muhammad, Morton

Things are getting a little weird here, including a hologram card and some of those old school Pro Set insert cards. CLAIMED: Moon, Ismail/Brown, Stewart, Robbie, Clayton

Okay, now that that's done -- here's what you stayed for. My next "free" PWE group break is upon us. I will be opening a 2020 Bowman Mega Box, plus six loose packs of 1999 Victory baseball just for fun. This will have the same rules as my last Topps of the Class break. Sign-ups will be posted on Monday at noon PDT, so please don't claim any teams here


  1. Kerry, may I please claim the Topps Collection Harbaugh and the Todd Collins Donruss Preferred?

  2. I love that die cut Warrick Dunn, but believe it or not, I already have it!

  3. I would take any preferred left over for sure. Dunn die cut and the dual with tim brown and the Payne Stewart and Joe robbie.have never seen those

  4. I would take the Casey Hayward and Curtis Martin off your hands.

  5. The Payne Stewart and Joe Robbie cards are cool. All of those Pro Set "special" and "chase" cards were fun to collect.

  6. Can I please claim Amani Toomer and the Mark Clayton hologram? Thanks!
    Also, do you have any interest in late '70s Eagles cards?

  7. Only one card for me this week. Card 1-6 Eddie George please. Will be a nice addition to my Ohio State football collection.

  8. Hi once again Kerry:).I would like all of the remaining 7 unclaimed cards from the first 9 card panel posted on the page,and the remaining 4 cards available in the last 9 card panel posted mailed to me.Thanks:).


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