Thursday, August 20, 2020

Mega Group Break Results


Here's what was pulled from the 2020 Bowman Megabox and the 1999 Victory packs. 
I opened the packs tonight during halftime of the abysmal Blazers/Lakers playoff game. I already posted a couple of photos of the stuff you probably care about (i.e. the exclusive megabox Chrome cards) and we ended up with an autograph. Not bad.

Let's see who got what: 

Atlanta Braves - The Diamond King
    Bowman: none
    Victory: Team Checklist
Boston Red Sox - Chris
    Bowman: Mookie Betts, Bryan Mata
    Victory: Nomar Garciaparra (Big Play Makers), Jose Offerman, Shea Hillenbrand, Jin Ho Cho
Chicago Cubs - Trevor P
    Bowman: Javier Baez, Aramis Ademan
    Victory: Sammy Sosa (History in the Making), Benito Santiago
Chicago White Sox - defgav
    Bowman: Tim Anderson
    Victory: Frank Thomas (Power Trip), Mike Sirotka
Cincinnati Reds - Nachos Grande
    Bowman: Hunter Greene (Chrome), Nick Lodolo
    Victory: none
Cleveland Indians - OhioTim
    Bowman: Francisco Lindor, Tyler Freeman (Chrome), Oscar Gonzalez, Yu Chang
    Victory: Manny Ramirez, Sandy Alomar Jr, Russ Branyan
Colorado Rockies - @Billydsega
    Bowman: Trevor Story, Colton Welker (Chrome)
    Victory: Darryl Kile, Mike Lansing
Kansas City Royals - The Bucs Stop Here
    Bowman: Whit Merrifield
    Victory: none
Los Angeles Angels - The Diamond King
    Bowman: Mike Trout
    Victory: Tim Salmon
Los Angeles Dodgers - gcrl
    Bowman: Max Muncy, Tony Gonsolin
    Victory: Adam Riggs, Chan Ho Park
Miami Marlins - David
    Bowman: Jazz Chisholm
    Victory: Rafael Medina, Livan Hernandez, Kevin Orie, Cliff Floyd, Mark Kotsay
New York Mets - Mike
    Bowman: Ronny Mauricio (Megabox Chrome)
    Victory: John Olerud
New York Yankees - The Lost Collector
    Bowman: Anthony Volpe (Megabox Chrome)
    Victory: Tino Martinez, Bernie Williams
Oakland Athletics - Fuji
    Bowman: Logan Davidson (Chrome), Ramon Laureano, Sheldon Neuse, Jesus Luzardo (Rookie Favorites Megabox Chrome)
    Victory: Mark McGwire (Rookie Flashback), John Jaha, Kenny Rogers, Miguel Tejada, Jason Giambi
Pittsburgh Pirates - The Bucs Stop Here
    Bowman: Ke'Bryan Hayes (Chrome), Cal Mitchell, Bryan Reynolds, Sammy Siani (Megabox Chrome Auto)
    Victory: Kris Benson, Jason Kendall
St. Louis Cardinals - Cards on Cards
    Bowman: Elehuris Montero, Junior Fernandez, Dylan Carlson (Megabox Chrome)
    Victory: Mark McGwire (Magic 440), Chad Hutchinson, Mark McGwire, Mark McGwire (Magic 432), Mark McGwire (Magic 435), Mark McGwire (Magic 443), Mark McGwire (Magic 446), Ray Lankford, Mark McGwire (Magic 434)
San Diego Padres - David
    Bowman: Andres Munoz, Grant Little (Chrome), CJ Abrams (Megabox Chrome)
    Victory: Matt Clement
Seattle Mariners - Brian
    Bowman: Julio Rodriguez (Chrome)
    Victory: Team Checklist, Dan Wilson, Edgar Martinez, Ken Griffey Jr. (Ad Card in every pack - I'll probably only send one of these unless you really want them all)
Tampa Bay Rays - Jeremya1um
    Bowman: Jhon Diaz, Matthew Liberatore (Megabox Chrome)
    Victory: None
Texas Rangers - Brian
    Bowman: Willie Calhoun
    Victory: Royce Clayton, Ruben Mateo, John Wetteland
Washington Nationals / Montreal Expos - The Angels in Order
    Bowman: Jackson Rutledge (Chrome), Luis Garcia
    Victory: Carl Pavano, Dustin Hermanson, Vladimir Guerrero

Thanks for playing! Let me know if any of you don't want your cards shipped, in case you already have them or something. The cards from the unclaimed teams will be available on a Free Stuff Friday.


  1. Thanks Kerry! This group break was very generous of you. As soon as I can catch my breath, I'll try to dig out some more Cardinals and Blazers for you.

  2. Fun!! I'm thinking you should send my stuff to The Angels in Order! I felt bad taking the Angels out from under him.

  3. Happy to see a few Yanks! Thanks again!


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