Sunday, September 13, 2020

All the Brown You Could Ever Need


Basketball goodies from @JustinMcMillen9 include a bunch of Ducks alum cards -- especially one guy in particular. 
I hope you like scans of Troy Brown Jr. cards! Back in July, I worked out a rare deal via Twitter with Justin to exchange some basketball cards. There are definitely a lot of questionable people and and card sales going on in the Twitter platform (and a lot of questionable people doing card sales), but Justin is definitely one of the good guys, as evidenced by the stuff you're about to see here.

Troy Brown was one of the one-and-done players that has become so fashionable of late in college basketball, so he didn't get a chance to really become a fan favorite of mine at Oregon. His NBA career looks promising, however. In his just completed second season, he increased his numbers all across the board, which is a good sign even while playing for a struggling team.

I'm going to run out of things to say about Brown. In fact, I'm already out. Let's just look at the cards.

Panini Mosaic was highly sought after this year, and I never found any in stores (a common story to hear.) The base design is pretty uninspiring to be honest. It's pretty much C-grade Prizm with the backgrounds taken out. The parallels are much more eye-catching.

Speaking of brands that I'll never see, check out this cool rookie jersey auto from last year's Select. Justin sent me no less than five of his autographs, which is super cool.

I actually bought plenty of Donruss Optic basketball before people completely lost their minds over all things basketball cards. I didn't find any of this year's stuff, needless to say, although I was able to pop in to a few breaks here and there.

For you baseball card fans who are still with me, just look at what Panini cards look like with actual logos on them. Not so bad, right?

When Troy posed for these shots on media day, do you wonder if he had any idea just how many different cards and parallels he'd be featured on? Panini is crazy, you guys.

Another thing I never see in the wild is Court Kings. It actually took me until this year to finally fully realize that Panini Diamond Kings is the baseball equivalent of Court Kings, and that Diamond Kings actually has nothing to do with Donruss Diamond Kings. Seriously. Look it up!

I wish Score existed as its own brand in basketball and baseball, and was priced accordingly. They have been cranking out cheap football sets under this brand for a long time now. Instead, this is from the confounding Panini Chronicles set, and on top of that is actually a parallel numbered to 49.

Believe it or not, there were even more Troy Brown cards. The next pair are Certified rookie autographs.

I actually didn't even scan all of the Brown cards that Justin sent me. This is a healthy representation, though.

Here's a classic Panini "player-worn material" card, which I've recently come to learn that it doesn't necessarily mean any specific player actually wore the material used for this card. Is that right?

I was able to buy some Threads retail stuff last season, but actually found it quite boring. The rookie cards look nice, though, with the player's jersey forming the backdrop. This one is another parallel.

Are you ready to look at some other guys? Justin also sent along a few Blazers, including a pair of Mosaic parallels from the Blazers #2 guy CJ McCollum.

This is, I don't know, pink camo? It's a very pixelated design.

It wouldn't be a top quality basketball card post without Dame, who shows up three times here. This is the same parallel design used in Panini's Dunk digital card app for their "Card Hunter" feature, which basically uses a scaled down Pokemon Go-style method to "catch" cards in the wild. Something like that. Apps are weird. So are fake cards.

They should call this the Christmas parallel, but they probably didn't.

This is another one of the Christmas variety, but it's also an insert. Every insert has parallels. All the parallels! Everything must be paralleled by official decree of Lord Panini.

We head back to another Duck for the final two cards featured here that Justin sent.

Dillon Brooks is a key member of the Grizzlies starting group, on a team that is looking increasingly dangerous with highly touted rookies Ja Morant and Brandon Clarke. I don't look forward to the Blazers facing them at least four times a year in the coming seasons.

Thanks again to Justin for making one of my rare Twitter exchanges a more than quality experience!


  1. Lots of cool cards and and he sounds like a solid dude. Followed him on twitter. Love the Dame of course. Good post.

  2. Love the color scheme on that first Damian Lillard card.

  3. I've tried to like the Mosaic, but I just can't. I mean sure, it's shiny and all, but it feels like somethings missing, or maybe there's too much of something, either way I'm just not feeling it.


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