Thursday, September 10, 2020

Stadium Club Just Gets Better

A #CrackinWaxMailDay from @CrackinWax rolls out the newest Stadium Club offering. 
Stadium Club is here again, and it looks fantastic! Well, mostly fantastic. I'll make a couple of counterpoints at the end. I bought in to a quarter-case break over at Crackin' Wax once again, and came away really impressed with the set as a whole.

You never see baseball cards with photos like these. Yadi is jogging past the NLCS 2019 logo. I, uh, wish this series had gone better for the home team, though.

Here's another unique shot. The sleeve of the umpire creeps into the shot.


I see the same photos of Stan the Man over and over again, usually from certain Panini products. I've probably seen this before, but it looks a little fresher than normal to me.

Here's KK in a spring training game.

Junior Fernandez shows off the road Saturday night powder blues.

We've seen a similar shot to this in a past Stadium Club set (Randal Grichuk if I'm not mistaken), but it still looks really cool.

I should probably do a Getty Images search on some of these photos to see if any of the photos used on cards were from any of the games I attended last season. If so, I'd probably turn into one of those rainbow collectors.

Here's a few more. I love all of these.

What I don't love is the inserts, for the most part. I haven't really seen any Stadium Club inserts that I've liked in recent years aside for those Triumvirate cards that they used to make. This one is especially unpleasant.

Domingo Leyba isn't a Cardinal, of course. I'm just showing this off in case there's any interest in Diamondbacks cards. I keep drawing their number as my random team in breaks.

There was one more card from last week's breaks that I wanted to show off here. I have the whole 2020 Topps Pro Debut team set already, but in the jumbo boxes you can occasionally pull Chrome cards. I didn't get any of the regular Chrome cards, but did end up with a numbered (to 99) refractor of one of the Cardinals top prospects. Not bad, not bad at all!


  1. I love this Yadi. I don't know if it belongs in my Yadi pc, the catcher binder or St Club binder. Guess I need two more copies! lol. The Dakota is one of my faves this year and is going in the SC binder.

  2. It does look really good -- I'm wondering if it's the design. Seems weird to say with SC.

  3. I agree, 2020 TSC is very nice this year...which is great and bad at the same time. I say bad because 2020 is the year that may kill my ability/desire to build modern sets. Hobby is way expensive and I can't find retail. Beautiful stuff though.

  4. I'd have to pick Yadi over Goldy as my favorite here, although it's close.

  5. The Yadi is my favorite, and the Goldschmidt is pretty cool too. I guess I am just echoing the rest of the commenters!

  6. I always like those shots with the arch in the background. I'm sure we'll see more.

  7. Topps hit a home run with the legends this year. Well... I guess they do every year. Anyways... that Musial would probably make my Top 10 if I were to put a list together.

  8. The Cardinals always get great photos from Topps. The Musial does look bright, it's a great photo and I'd be interested to see the sepia and chrome refractor parallels of that card. I like the Goldy, Hudson, and Ozzie Smith cards as well.

  9. I love the Goldschmidt card, even if the angle has been done before. You are correct, this is a gorgeous set!

  10. It is nice to see the Gateway Arch photo again. It has become a tradition in Stadium Club.

  11. Those are some great photos. I had thought about skipping Stadium Club altogether this year, but I think I might change my mind after seeing some the cards. I agree with the commenters above, there is an Arch card in Stadium Club every year.


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