Tuesday, October 6, 2020

Cards of Many Colors

Another great batch of cards from @batcavelv includes some choice parallels. 
As mentioned in this space a number of times in the past, Tracy's Box Breaks regularly posts really cheap breaks every couple of months or so. In fact, there's a brand new one up right now. Let's check out some of the stuff I got from Tracy back in July.

Wouldn't you know that shortly after I confessed my love for these parallels on the 4th of July, a Cardinals one happened to show up in my mailbox? I've got a small collection of them going, although I don't know how aggressive I'll be about acquiring them. (I also have a small collection of Mike Trout cards, for example, but I'm not actively buying his stuff of course.)

One of my favorite things year after year about Topps Heritage is their inclusion of insert cards that further pay tribute to the year the original set was released. Can you actually play this scratch off game, though? Has anyone tried?

Next up is a couple of orange refractors from 2013 Topps Chrome, including this rookie year Trevor Rosenthal card. It's nice to see that Rosenthal rebuilt his career as the current Padres closer, although it was tough watching him close out the Wild Card series against his former team.

The other orange refractor was a rookie year card as well. Notice how I didn't say "rookie card", as people tend to have feelings about that sort of thing. Michael Wacha, unfortunately, didn't pitch nearly as well as Rosenthal for his new team.

From licensed to unlicensed here with an older Adam Wainwright Donruss Optic parallel.

Panini Prizm really could be something in baseball if circumstances were different. Check out how cool this one looks!

We end things with back-to-back Yadi cards. This one is a parallel from the 2014 Bowman set, showing off his native Puerto Rico flag. It's fantastic. I never thought I'd have to say this, but let's hope that the Cardinals and Yadi get a new deal done soon.


  1. Panini makes some fantastic football and basketball cards. I really wish they'd get an MLB license and slap some logos on these beauties. The Yadi and Waino are really sharp.

  2. I might get tired of Bowman and their similar designs year after year (kinda like A&G), but one thing I never tire of are the Bowman International parallels.

  3. Wow, a modern Bowman card that I actually like! I didn't think such a thing existed.


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