Monday, October 19, 2020

You Win Some and You Trade Some


Many minis, prizes and more in a big lot from @markle05 received over the summer. 
The summer already seems so long ago -- or does it? I don't know how time works these days. I think I'm finally over the hump with the last of the large-ish packages I received so far this year, as I'm here to talk about some stuff I got from Alex of Chavez Ravining. Alex must be geeked that his Dodgers slammed their way back into the World Series once again. Will they finally pull it off this time? It's the team that hasn't won in forever versus the team that has never won it. I know who I'm rooting for (it's, er, not the team with the massive payroll.)

This was a multi-purpose trade package with many different things to look at. Alex had a blog contest at one point, and I ended up landing these two chunky commerorative patch cards from recent years. These are certainly up for grabs, and will likely end up in my next Brewers and White Sox focused trade packages if I don't work anything else out.

Alex sent me a ton of minis for my endless quest to collect all things Ginter. I just went for scanning five of the minis from each of the three years featured.

That Dave Winfield card is the standout here, at least for me. Of course, the Babe is no slouch.

Here's another row of really good (to great) players, this time from last year's set.

I also claimed a trade stack from Alex, which sort of touched off the need for this post in the first place. I've had an increasingly difficult time getting ahold of color parallels from recent sets, so this was a nice get for me. Ryan Helsley's role in the bullpen continued to increase in importance over the abbreviated 2020 season, so it's easy to imagine him contending for the closer position next season... whenever that is.

Here's more A&G minis. These are all for my Cardinals binders, as you can imagine. I'm still mad about the Photoshopped uniform numbers in last year's set.

Alex included a handful of the "hot box" gold foil parallels for my collection, including this Big Mac. He looks happy here, and chock full of supplements. There was also a larger "box loader" style Big Mac from last year's Stadium Club set, but I didn't scan it as it wouldn't look any different than if I had scanned his regular base card. You know how that goes.

Someone please tell me who is going to win the World Series this year, because I need to make a prediction and I am waffling like crazy. My gut tells me the Dodgers won't win because they never win, but the Rays literally haven't won. And at least one of the Dodgers guys could probably pay off the salaries of every single Rays player on the roster.


  1. I love minis! Still have a soft spot for McGwire. I truly believe he is sorry for what happened. I'm cheering on the Dodgers but it could go either way. Should be a fun series.

  2. I'm just rooting for an entertaining series... but if I was forced to place a bet, I'd put my money on Mookie and the Dodgers.

    P.S. Chock full of supplements made me chuckle.

  3. Of course, I love the McGwire! Seems like I only comment about the McGwire's on your blog!

  4. I probably shouldn't like those Hot Box parallels because they have no reason to exist...but they're admittedly kinda cool.


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