Tuesday, April 20, 2021

Online Shopping

A batch of Cardinals from @batcavelv breaks. 
With the limited focus of my collection, I often don't pay a lot of attention to the smaller Topps online offerings. After you factor in shipping, the cost really starts to add up, and makes little sense for someone who just wants cards of players on one specific team. Thanks to card breakers like Tracy's Box Breaks, however, I occasionally stumble into some online exclusives without breaking the bank.

I had no idea Topps brought back the Attax brand to baseball, but I'm guessing not many people are actually playing the game. Along with Attax, another year of Topps Total came and went last season.

The 2020 Topps Total design is pretty faithful to the original idea. I just wish they had included stats on the back, but that's never been the M.O. of their online offerings. I'm surprised this KK card doesn't have an RC logo on it, though. Topps does like to slap that thing on as many cards as they can get away with.

Here's the 2019 Topps Total design. 900 card set? Yay! Doled out in increments overtime and restricted to a limited number of online exclusive purchases? Not so yay.

After being stashed in the minors in 2019 and just getting a handful of at-bats last year, it's good to see Justin Williams finally getting playing time. It remains to be seen how much time he'll lose when Tyler O'Neill returns from the injured list on Friday, but hopefully he's impressed his manager enough to continue to get some playing time.

Here's a few from the I Can't Believe It's Junk Wax That I Didn't Own Department.

Speaking of online exclusives, here's another one from a game that was meant to be played. The Kenny Mayne 52-card game came in its own box and I believe has some booster packs out there as well. We have one of these games at home for playing, but have yet to play it.

I've seen plenty of Conlon cards, but I've seen very little of the later years where the cards were presumably tougher to find. This one is from 1995 and has a fancy gold frame around it.

The last card up is a fun one in the mold of the old Boyhood Photos of the Stars cards.

It looks like there still may be slots available in Tracy's next break if you hurry.

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  1. I do really like the Kenny Mayne cards. A big part of my interest has to do with Topps using photographs that keep the player's bodies intact.


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