Tuesday, May 25, 2021

What Else? More Breaks

Cardinals abound in this latest round of @batcavelv box breaks. 
It seems like I mostly just post about box breaks these days. If only there was some other way to buy cards now, besides the going the stupid expensive route and buying a big thing online. (I actually have a hobby box en route, so don't listen to me.) Here's a few winter pickups from Tracy's Box Breaks.

You can find numerous examples of sets that look much better in hand than scanned. It's rare, but I feel the exact opposite about this Pinnacle Aficionado set. I don't like the texture of the card at all and it's tough to look at. But when I take a step back and see it on my computer monitor? Not bad! I can't really explain this.

My favorite thing about this bunch of cards is that I got what appears to be a whole team set full of these foil stamped 65th Anniversary cards. I'm guessing Tracy broke up a set here. These types of things can be very difficult to find in singles, so this was a pretty big score for me.

Here's a refractor version of Goldy's 2020 Topps Chrome card. Unfortunately, rookie mania has made it pretty costly to buy any Topps Chrome cards these days, so I'll have to continue to hunt for singles if I want to get all of the Chrome that I need.

Despite the red uniform, the Hot Rods are not a Cardinals affiliate. This has a tenuous connection to my team collection: Liberatore's offseason trade to St. Louis happens to be mentioned in passing in the bio on the back.

It seems that I am still missing tons of old Conlon cards. There are a bunch of variations in that first 1991 set. Stupid variations.

My "10 Most Wanted" list always seems to have a Stephen Piscotty card on it. There's one on it right now, in fact! At least I finally tracked down a copy of this one.


  1. When I get back into the buying mode... I've got to make an effort to track down those 90's Conlon sets. Love the photography.

  2. Card shows and Sportlots, that's where you should be buying cards.


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