Saturday, June 12, 2021

Stadium Club At Night

More @CrackinWax breaks? Why not? #CrackinWaxMailDay 
After the Trail Blazers were knocked out of the playoffs last week, I took it upon myself to take a week off from sports. To put it lightly, things haven't been going well for the Cardinals after they jumped out a division lead last month. The Timbers are on a break. And we're several months away from me paying attention to football again.

I've also been hard at work at pulling and sorting cards for people in the Spring Cleaning extravaganza. With limited space to put piles of cards, I end up piling up stuff on my scanner which prevents me from scanning cards for the blog. It's a vicious cycle.

I bought into a few more breaks at Crackin' Wax over the past couple of weeks, so let's go ahead and check them out while my scanner is free.

Last year's Stadium Club Chrome is just too tempting. It's a big set and I still needed a bunch of the team set. I was able to add a few more to the binders here.

Miles Mikolas has entered the stage of his career where he shows up to toss a few innings a season, apparently. I know that 2021 has been the season of the injury, but it's hard to see your team's normally strong rotation be decimated in the way that it has been.

Even Kolten Wong hasn't been able to stay healthy, and he's not even on the team anymore.

This year's Diamond Kings set has been the only thing I've been able to find consistently at the retail level lately. (I accidentally found out when they stock a few things on the toy shelves at a certain Walgreen's recently.) I wasn't very successful on this group break buy-in, but I did snag a Jack Flaherty insert. Flaherty is also injured.

The only Crackin' Wax break I bought into last week was a basketball (!) break, mostly to encourage Chris to continue to do NBA breaks. I did not do well. The NBA market apparently is starting to fall, finally, but not yet enough for my taste. I did end up with a Lillard card that I already had, plus a couple of Timberwolves non-rookies.

The latest package came with a couple of fun unopened junk wax era packs. I set aside a 1991 Studio pack for another day, but immediately opened the 1994 Sportflics hobby pack. I'll show off the pack in full at some point on APTBNL, but I will spoil that I ended up with this Todd Zeile card that I needed.

Card show in the morning? Can I do it?


  1. Lillard wins the round.

    Apparently Trae Young rookie cards are a hot commodity now in NBA land. So you might check to see if you got any of those when they came out.

    1. I have a few (Donruss, Donruss Optic, Chronicles? I think) but unfortunately none of the coveted Prizms. He's a fun player, but I've had a hard time watching the playoffs since the Blazers were knocked out.


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