Wednesday, July 7, 2021

An Old Pack of Cards

Cleaning up my desktop. 
To distract myself a bit from the mountain of work I created for myself ("Spring" Cleaning?), I decided to clear up a few things that have been sitting on my desk for years. I have a few more packs like this to go through if I get some time. I have no idea if I actually paid 75 cents for this or not. Let's check out these 7 cards, gum removed.

It's an '80s staple and part of The Simpsons all-star team. I guess I was trying to dig up some more Dodgers cards for people, but this isn't exactly what I meant.

The best thing about O-Pee-Chee cards are the variations, especially when it comes to changing teams. These are all excellently documented in this OPC blog.

You don't really see those kind of glasses anymore, do you?

You could certainly do worse than getting a Frank Viola card out of an '80s pack. He hadn't quite reached his peak at this point in his career, though.

Pettis was one of the biggest threats to Rickey Henderson and his various stolen base crowns in the '80s, which is to say he wasn't much of one.

This card is a bit off-center, but not as much as this poorly cropped image shows. The Yankees were not very good in the '80s, but I felt like Rasmussen was decent for a bit.

In any pack containing gum, someone is going to take the brunt of the abuse. That falls to Dick Schofield here. Poor Dick. He's going to get thrown out.


  1. If Schofield hasn't hit the trash yet, I'll take him.

  2. That's a good trio - Armas, Viola, and Pettis.

  3. Epic gum stain! I remember the flip up glasses being very popular when I was a kid... just like Armas during his time in Oakland.

  4. From what I've been able to gather from Twitter, gum stained cards have become rather collectible to a small percentage of folks in recent years.


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