Wednesday, July 28, 2021

Another Old Pack of Cards

Here's another old pack of cards that has been sitting on my desk for years. This was the final proper O-Pee-Chee release that was based on the current Topps offering. 1992 was the first year that Topps went with the full color card backs, which are represented here as expected.

408 - Bob Milacki - From what I recall, Topps tried to ride the success of the 1991 set, which was largely based on improved photography (and likely a lot of classic photos that were purchased from outside sources.) The horizontal cards continued, with mixed results.

709 - Chris James - The bat covers the frame. That's edgy!

644 - Terry Leach - Leach was a sidearmer that pitched for the Twins championship team.

702 - Lee Stevens - Stevens was a promising young power hitter at the time, but he didn't find regular success (or playing time) until he was with the Rangers in the late '90s.

245 - John Smoltz - The first (and only?) Hall of Famer in the pack.

155 - Scott Bankhead - Pitching for the Mariners in the '80s wasn't the most glamorous job in the league.

182 - Jeff Reardon - Reardon was one of the top closers of his day. He also had a pitcher beard that would just look like, well, a beard today.

353 - Braulio Castillo - I'm not sure I've ever heard of Castillo. I know my card buying took a deep drop in 1992.

192 - Dave Fleming - Here's a look at the full color card back, complete with bilingual text.

25 - Ron Gant - Gant won't join his teammate Smoltz in the Hall, but he had an excellent career.


  1. Smoltz is obviously the winner here.

    Gant and Reardon were good.

  2. I was watching the Mets broadcast yesterday and Keith Hernandez and either Ron Darling or Gary Cohen agreed that Ron Gant was an incredibly nice guy.

  3. When I was a kid players with big beards like Reardon and Sutter looked old and tough. Now in my mid-40s the young guys today with big beards just look silly, like a kid wearing their dad's shoes. I guess it's all a matter of perspective. I wonder what a 45-year old fan in 1980 would have thought of a Sutter or Reardon beard, if it looked silly to them.

  4. Poor Jeff Reardon - only guy to become to hold the title of the all-time saves leader in the modern era and not even sniff the Hall of Fame...

  5. Cool to see O-Pee-Chee still use the wax wrapper in 1992... even if the design reminds me more of something Donruss or Fleer would use instead of Topps.

    I really like the 1992 Topps/OPC card backs for guys who had the stadium photographs on them.


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