Thursday, November 11, 2021

Cards of Every Flavor

So many sports at once. 
This is the time of year when it seems like there are way too many sporting events competing for my attention. With the World Series only recently concluding, there's still way too many sports things going on for all of the free hours I have in my day. In the spirit of "too many sports", let's check out a bunch of cards from a bunch of different sports thanks to Sportscards from the Dollar Store.

The Blazers have been off to a bit of a rough start this season, but I still enjoy the older cards I received here. Court Kings seems to be more of a higher end set than its baseball counterpart (Diamond Kings), so I am always glad to get my hands on any of it.

This is what fancy basketball cards looked like almost a couple of decades ago. I wish Fleer/Flair was still around these days, especially for what they would do with basketball cards. I think Upper Deck still holds the license to the Fleer brand, which isn't very helpful.

There's always room for a little more Sheed around the blog.

In the American football divsiion, some Ducks alums and Eagles pros were added to my collection. Onterrio Smith kind of threw his career away over some weed nonsense, which probably would have been treated differently today considering that times have really changed. (Okay, maybe not, if you ask Josh Gordon.)

I really like that buckstorecards has access to CFL cards, because you don't exactly see them at the card shows in my area. This one is a special "blank back" variation, which doesn't seem to be cataloged in TCDB as of yet.

From pro Ducks to pro birds of another feather we go with this card of now former Eagle Zach Ertz. I was bummed to see that Ertz was finally traded (to Arizona) a couple of weeks ago after rumors persisted for quite awhile that he was headed elsewhere. He was a great Eagle, even if he bugged me as a Stanford Cardinal.

Duce Staley was one of my favorite Eagles of the Andy Reid days, and it's cool to see him involved in coaching. I was hoping that he was going to get the Eagles head coaching job, although I have no idea how that would have worked out. (I don't really know anything about NFL coaching, to be honest.)

I also seem to get 100% of my St. Louis Blues cards from buckstorecards. Here is my now annual admission that I've barely been able to watch any Blues games (there's also Portland Timbers soccer happening to distract my attention, and they're not even pictured here.) This Canvas style card is really nice. I'd probably collect more hockey cards if they were all like this.

Pietrangelo was one of the stars of the recent Stanley Cup winning team, but he moved on to Vegas around a year ago.

Barbashev was also one of the Stanley Cup winning guys. I suppose that I mostly scanned cards of guys that I had heard of.

I haven't heard of Klim Kostin, but this was too cool not to show off. This is an autographed hockey stick chunk! I definitely didn't have one of these in my life before.


  1. And in a case of perfect timing, you posted this just in time for me to send another 4 sport package your way. I've picked up a Chris Duarte Chronicles card for this package, along with the usual stuff.

    1. That's great! I've been really hoping to get ahold of some Duarte cards, but I don't really want to buy any Pacers break slots.

    2. I also happened to pick up a bunch of Raptors cards in the dime boxes yesterday.

  2. UD wastes it's Fleer/Skybox ownership on retreaded inserts and parallels for their hockey and Marvel products. It would be nice if they would sell the brand to someone else who might then actually do something interesting with it.


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