Saturday, November 11, 2023

Good Luck Ducks, Week 11: Join 'Em


The Ducks host another California team in some Pac-12 After Dark action.

Looking back to just mere months ago, I was really salty about tonight's game. USC was among the first to defect from the Pac-12 and had poached both the head coach and starting quarterback from the University of Oklahoma. Fast forward to, well, now and it's pretty easy to just be over it. Oregon will be in the same conference as USC (and UCLA) after all, opting to leave for the Big 10 after this season. It's hard to be mad at that anymore. What's done is done.

Can I muster up some enthusiasm for tonight's game? I definitely can! USC still hasn't managed to reach the heights of the Reggie Bush years despite being treated like college football royalty. A late night game at Autzen Stadium is always fun, but this could be a seriously high scoring one if the weather cooperates and if things go according to script. The Trojans defense has seriously struggled this season, relegating them to being shut out of the conference picture for now unless some upsets happen.

It will be a battle of two highly decorated college QBs, with Caleb Williams facing off against Bo Nix. I can't wait to see what happens!

Notes and other things:
  • Apparently Chris Rock is heavily recruiting Caleb Williams to join the New York Jets. If you were truly a Jets fan, would you really want to wish that misery on anyone else?
  • Where Are They Headed? The B1G!
  • Ducks Ranking This Week: 6. Not much changed in the past week, and Oregon did enough to solidify their position for another week by putting up 63 on Cal.
  • Bo Nix Heisman Watch: Bo is in good shape according to FOX. Caleb Williams, last season's winner -- not so much. It just goes to show you what a team's record will do to its star's Heisman hopes, regardless of how well that player actually plays.

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  1. My entire life the Pac 10/12 has been the athletic conference I've rooted for. Seeing almost everyone leave is truly a sad moment in sports (for me).

    P.S. Congratulations on the win!


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