Saturday, November 18, 2023

Good Luck Ducks, Week 12: The Fork Realm

The Ducks penultimate game of their Pac-12 run sees them facing off against Bo Nix's longtime coach. 
There's two games left on the scheduled now for Oregon, and before the big (last) showdown against the increasingly dangerous looking Beavers, it's time to face the 3-win Arizona State Sun Devils. This seems to be innocuous enough, except when you consider that Kenny Dillingham is the head coach down there. Not only was Dillingham the Ducks offensive coordinator last season, but he also served in the same position at Auburn when Bo Nix excelled as a freshman QB and... well... ruined Oregon's season before it could get off the ground.

With the way things have gone so far, I wouldn't expect anything too shocking today, but there is always the "trap game" potential. Dillingham's presence only adds to that potential storyline. With Nix and the Ducks at the top of their game at this point, it would be very surprising, but funny things happen on the road in November.

Scoreboard watchers, be aware! In addition to this game that Oregon totally needs to be focused on, their very close rivals will be in Corvallis to host Washington in one of the biggest conference games of the season. I am no expert, but I think... with some reservation here... that it would be most beneficial to the Ducks playoff hopes if Washington did win this game. The Huskies would retain their undefeated record, and would conceivably play Oregon once again in the Pac-12 conference championship game if everything played out according to plan. A Ducks victory over Washington would potentially elevate their chances at the playoff due in large part to recency bias. Of course, that pesky last Apple Cup is lurking to ruin everything.

Notes and other things:
  • Two weeks ago, the Sun Devils lost 55-3 in what some have considered their worst loss ever. This was sandwiched by two closely fought defensive struggles, including last week's win over UCLA. It will be interesting to see what kind of game they unleash this afternoon.
  • Where Are They Headed? The Sun Devils are headed to the Big 12 next season. Fun.
  • Ducks Ranking This Week: 6. No changes this week. There's more than the pressure on winning out, hoping Washington wins out and also beating Washington in the Pac-12 title game. Someone else above them probably has to lose. Maybe two of them.
  • Bo Nix Heisman Watch: Like everything else, Bo's chances would be highly influenced by a Washington rematch victory.
  • Game time is 1:00 PST on FOX in Tempe. Go Ducks!


  1. Michigan and Ohio State still have to play each other.
    There's also the SEC title game. And maybe an ACC title game for Florida State?

  2. Congratulations on the win! Didn't watch the game... but 42-0 at the half... that's gotta be considered one of the worst halves ever :D

  3. I actually got to meet a former Oregon offensive lineman a few weeks ago, transferred to NC State. Kids name was Dawson Jaramillo. Super nice, friendly, volunteered to hang out at my school for a morning and read with my students.

    1. That's cool. I actually have a card of his sitting on my desk. They made a set of 100 players from last year's roster and he was in it.


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