Friday, May 17, 2024

... Paging "J.D. Drew" ...

An attempt to find one of the contest prize winners, plus a bonus collecting dilemma. 
I've had a lot better luck about people claiming their contest prizes this year, but I'm still looking for one more person to step up. If you submitted your March Radness bracket as "J.D. Drew", please get in touch with me soon as I owe you a third place prize.


Here's a one card wonder for today. This rainbow foil parallel Topps from last year wouldn't ordinarily fit in my collection, but I received it in a TCDB trade recently. As you can see, for all intents and purposes this is an Aaron Judge card. However, Matt Carpenter is also in the photo off to the right. Someone must have tagged Carpenter in order for it to be added to my want list, as I try to collect all of Carpenter's cards regardless of which team he's with.

You see, the thing is that I have never dared tread on the slippery slope that is what others often call a "cameo" card, as in a cameo/guest appearance on someone else's card. I suppose I could could cave in and finally do this -- and one compelling argument is that I'm not likely to acquire many other cards of Carpenter's stint with the Yankees. (I think his only real appearance on a card with them is one of those Topps Now things.) If it was just a base card, I might toss it back in the trade box and pretend this never happened, but I would feel a bit weird about ignoring this card.

How does everyone else feel about "cameo cards" when it comes to your PCs?


  1. seems like when i was looking for jd drew the disabled list was a good place to start.

    as for cameo cards, i have a whole mini-collection built around what i call "lurkers". not the main subject of the photo, but there in the background (or foreground). i include dodgers of all kinds and then players of note. for me, cards that are designed as multiplayer or checklists don't qualify. however, a card like this would go in my pc if i had one of judge or carpenter.

  2. Although I don't actively hunt every cameo card out there for my PC's... I'll definitely add one to my collection if the price is right.

  3. I don't search for them but if I encounter them they just might slip into the binder.

  4. I generally don't seek them out, but if they're cheap or fall into my lap I will certainly include them. -- Shlabotnik Report, who doesn't have a Google account and couldn't get the name/URL option to work

  5. A cameo on a different player's card to me is NOT part of the collection for the guy in the cameo. On the other hand, a spot on a multi-player card is. Most of these highlight/checklist things in recent Topps are multi-player cards, but this one mentioned Judge and Judge only. Let me see the back...yeah, just Judge. So, to me, no, it's not a Matt Carpenter card. But if you change the text to something like "Yanks celebrate walk-off win" it might qualify.

  6. I don't bother with cameo cards unless they're really good. There's a card of a scout that mentions he found Halladay. It's listed under Halladay on Tcdb but nope, don't need it nor want it


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