Sunday, December 21, 2008

2008 Stadium Club Blaster #2

Here is the second of the four Stadium Club blasters I bought last weekend. Sadly, the price of these things at Target seems to be back to normal now. Since I have several of these to get through, I'm going to keep commentary to a minimum.

Pack 1:
130 - Brian Barton (RC) (Nice to get a Cardinal right off the bat.)
25 - Edinson Volquez
83 - Chipper Jones
112 - Joey Votto (RC)
114 - Michael Aubrey 1st Day Issue (I was reading that the 1st Day Issue cards have thicker stock than the regular cards, but these don't. Maybe the retail ones are different.)

Pack 2:
31 - Carl Crawford

37 - Hanley Ramirez
76 - Johan Santana
115 - Brandon Boggs (RC)
123 - J.R. Towles 1st Day Issue

Pack 3:
68 - Gary Sheffield
11 - David Ortiz
104 - Gregor Blanco (RC) (For some reason I didn't realize Blanco was a rookie. I probably will forever get him mixed up with Henry Blanco for whatever reason.)
101 - Luke Hochevar (RC)
150 - Gregorio Petit 1st Day Issue

Pack 4:
29 - Delmon Young
4 - Todd Helton
116 - Johnny Cueto (RC)
58 - Jose Reyes

69 - Cole Hamels 1st Day Issue
- Checklist

Pack 5:
73 - Greg Maddux

52 - Vernon Wells (Like in the last box, here's another one where I feel like it might be a variation since the pictures on the front and the back don't match, but it's not one of the rookies. Hmm.)

88 - Hideki Matsui
14 - Prince Fielder
66 - Carlos Beltran 1st Day Issue (Another pack with no rookies. Stupid, lying pack wrappers.)

Pack 6:
131 - Sean Rodriguez (RC)
80 - Ryan Braun
82 - Manny Ramirez

56 - Garrett Atkins (Judging by his swing and where the ball is coming in from, I'm guessing Atkins is not about to hit this ball very far.)
129 - Elliot Johnson 1st Day Issue (Alternate photo)

Pack 7:
119 - Jed Lowrie (RC)
1 - Chase Utley

85 - Matt Holliday
50 - David Wright
117 - Hernan Iribarren 1st Day Issue

Pack 8:

53 - Josh Hamilton
133 - Chin-Lung Hu (RC)
125 - Josh Banks (RC)

13 - Alex Rodriguez
132 - Kosuke Fukudome 1st Day Issue

Not a great box overall. I did get one Cardinal, but no retired players and none of the short printed (?) cards. Can you even get those cards in retail packs? This is a weird set.


sam r said...

nice box break there beter than mine! hey i have a chris duncan albert pujols dual jersey if you would like to trade for any twins cards let me know

kevincrumbs said...

On a completely unrelated note, I thought that I would mention to you that I dreamed last night that they were coming out with A&G for hockey. Even while dreaming, I could think, "Wait, Topps has a hockey license again?"

Hope you're staying warm and staving off cabin fever.

madding said...

Sam, that sounds interesting, but I wasn't able to contact you via your profile. Send me an e-mail if you read this.

Kevin, it must have been that fake A&G hockey crap that triggered that dream.