Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Rick Ankiel May Not Be a Cardinal Much Longer

I've gotten in the annoying habit of refreshing repeatedly over the past week. While Cardinals talk is usually all sound and no fury this time of the year, it seems that they are pretty serious about reducing the glut in the outfield with hopes of improving the pitching staff. Surprisingly, Rick Ankiel seems to be the one most likely to be moved all of a sudden. With Satan himself running the show for Ankiel and a new contract looming after 2009, it's not surprising that the Cards are hesitant to put Ankiel in their long term plans. It is somewhat surprising, however, that other teams seem to be interested. Not long ago it looked like Ryan Ludwick might be moved, but talk has shifted to Ankiel. My surprise stems from the fact that Tony La Russa seems to be unfailingly loyal to certain players, Ankiel being one of them, and also that Ankiel was pretty much shut down for the latter part of last season and still has some issues to work out at the plate. I'll definitely be disappointed if he gets traded as he was a favorite of mine going back to his days as a starting pitcher, but I can see the writing on the wall and do believe it will help the team if they can get a quality starter for him. If they intend to trade him for a closer, however, that's a bad move. There are young pitchers waiting in the wings to takeover the job, and I don't feel like they should be giving up much for someone that they may just need to be a stopgap/safety net.

I picked up this card, by the way, from Thorzul Will Rule's "Trade Me Anything II" contest that went on awhile back. If I had paid a bit more attention, I probably could have upped the ante and tried to get another card or two, but I'm happy with this one as it crosses off another Cardinal card from my list. Speaking of which, I've added the remaining 2008 Topps cards I need for my collection to my General Want List. It will be a tremendous process, but I'm going to work on adding more things to the list (and more lists, perhaps) as time permits.

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Erin said...

Speaking of making lists, when you have time, make one for your missing Heritage cards.

And I suggest another post about A. Reyes soon. Maybe that's because I want to vent to the world myself ... so I can live vicariously through you.