Saturday, December 20, 2008

Trading with Hand Collated

Hand Collated has been doing a Year End Clearance - posts with want lists of some 2008 sets. I bit on the one about Topps base and we ended up doing a quickie trade. I got Mr. Ludwick here, plus some more Cardinal goodies and was able to knock off a few more Allen & Ginter cards from my list.

Victor Martinez was among the A&G cards, most of which consisted of players I dislike and/or players who play for teams I strongly dislike. Oh, the perils of set collecting. Victor isn't one of those guys, though, so he gets his picture used for the blog.

2007 Topps Red Backs (Here are some cards of the silly parallel variety. Really, this was pretty unnecessary, Topps. However, I can't say I mind unnecessary parallels if they're Cardinals. Plus, the red looks good on Cardinal cards. I don't think it would work so well if I was an Oakland fan. I only had a couple of these, so this was a nice addition to my collection nevertheless. Speaking of unnecessary parallels, I also grabbed a gold foil Braden Looper card.)

2008 Upper Deck Infield Power - Albert Pujols (This is from the 2-per-pack insert set for the Series 1 and 2 combo jumbo packs that Upper Deck put out in retail stores, if I recall. I was hoping there was also a Troy Glaus card made, but apparently there is not.)

2008 Topps Year in Review - Jason Isringhausen (I wouldn't exactly use the word "exciting" to describe the Cardinals 2007 season. The intentionally off-centered photos in this insert set always bug me.)

Make sure you check out Hand Collated and post your want lists/have lists in the comments over there.

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