Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Christmas is Cancelled

Portland has been a total disaster this week. A historically crazy snowstorm seems to have limited most holiday activities and has wreaked havoc on my work schedule as well. Consequently, I have counted at least 8 packages I still need to send out to people. Making it to work unfortunately became more of a priority to me than making it to the post office, so people that I owe packages to will unfortunately have to wait a bit more.

If you're one of the people that is expecting minor league cards from me but has yet to receive them, you're on the list (there are 5 of you.) If you are a particularly generous blogger who didn't ask me for anything, you're also on the list (there are 2 of you.) If your last name is Slette and you really like Andy Pettitte, you're also on the list, although your package isn't completely put together yet. If you aren't any of those people, or even if you are, I hope you have a happy holiday and hope that your sidewalks are shoveled.

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  1. Stay safe up there -- we've seen the video. It's nuts! Who knew Portland would ever need so many snowplows!

    I received your package too the other day. Thank you very much!


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