Wednesday, January 7, 2009

3 More High Series Packs

I went to Target on Saturday with two ideas in mind from the cards display. One was to get more Heritage cards, because my newly created 2008 Heritage binder is very sadly empty. The other was to buy a repack box for no sane reason. I ended up buying three packs of the "High" stuff and no repack junk, although I did grab a few other things from the $1.59 bin.

Pack 1:
680 - George Sherrill
501 - John Danks
638 - Jose Arredondo (RC) (Arredondo doesn't get the "Topps News" treatment that most of the rookie cards got in this set. I can live with that, I guess. Perhaps he was just not a "Rookie Star of 2008.")
614 - Russell Branyan (See Pack 2, last post about this stuff.)
665 - Texas Rangers (Ditto.)

FB9 - Carlos Delgado Flashbacks (I suppose the insert makes up for the dupes.)
UH265 - Tony Abreu
UH148 - David Wright All-Stars

Pack 2:

571 - Gerald Laird (Laird was in his !!6th!! season in the majors in 2008, so how exactly is he a Rookie Star? Night Owl mentioned this odd card awhile back, but I had to see it for myself I guess.)
608 - Ben Francisco
606 - Brian Moehler
566 - Bryan LaHair (RC) (Another non-Star rookie)
539 - Kelly Shoppach

RP8 - Carlos Gonzalez Rookie Performers (I have no idea who he is, but I'm glad he rescued this pack.)
UH253 - Josh Johnson
UH1 - Kosuke Fukudome (RC) (Who will end up having the better MLB career? Fukudome, Jerome Walton or Dwight Smith?)

Pack 3:

547 - Jay Bruce (RC)
645 - Masahide Kobayashi (RC)
671 - Chris Davis (RC) (Back-to-back-to-back rookies, although the Hot Dog Eating Last Name Guy is 34 years old.)
549 - Jeremy Sowers
537 - Toronto Blue Jays

TN9 - Early Winn / Jake Peavy Then & Now
UH130 - Mike Cameron
UH264 - David Ortiz All-Stars

No Cardinals, no SPs and not even a black back card to speak of. At least I got an insert in every pack. I bet I won't be able to keep that streak alive much longer.

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  1. BUT YOU GOT TONY ABREU!!!! not much of a rookie star thou, as he sat out the entire season!


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