Monday, January 19, 2009

5 on the 5: 2008 Upper Deck Timeline

I've held off on writing anything about the Upper Deck Timeline set for quite awhile now because all of the subsets that have different retro designs and so forth. This topic has been covered quite extensively on other fine blogs, some of which you may see links to on the sidebar here, so I still won't get into that. Basically, this is a "housecleaning" post. I have purchased five packs over a bit of time and I need to get them sorted. For our purposes, let's assume that I'm posting these packs in the order that I purchased them as I don't really remember anymore when I got what. These are of the retail variety, where you mostly get the base design plus two of the retro designs. The wrappers call them "inserts" but they most definitely aren't, since the card numbers are continuous throughout the main set rather than separate numbering schemes.

Pack 1:
31 - Manny Ramirez (Now I just look at every card of Manny's on the Dodgers and think it's photoshopped, thanks to Topps. Upper Deck wouldn't do a thing like that, would they?)
12 - Jimmy Rollins

48 - Ichiro Suzuki (Yeah, I still get lots of his cards.)
63 - Masahide Kobayashi (RC)

71 - Ross Ohlendorf (RC) Gold (Interesting gold card of Ohlendorf in Pirates colors but pictured with the Yankees. Upper Deck did this a lot in recent years but seemed to avoid it in 2008. It's much better than faking photos if you ask me.)
174 - Daric Barton (RC) '94 All-Time Heroes

Pack 2:

28 - Derek Jeter (Let's just call this the Yankees pack.)
46 - Torii Hunter (Does Hunter only do the crazy poses for Topps?)
10 - Chase Utley (Phillies 1, Eagles 0)
36 - Jim Thome
52 - John Bowker (RC)

145 - Alex Rodriguez '94 All-Time Heroes

Pack 3:
8 - Chipper Jones
44 - Frank Thomas (I wonder if his career is done.)
30 - David Ortiz
26 - Randy Johnson (What cap does Randy wear when he's inducted into the Hall?)

108 - Craig Breslow '92 Minor League (This is the only retro design that I recognized.)

233 - Jim Thome '04 Timeless Teams

Pack 4:
32 - Daisuke Matsuzaka
15 - Jason Bay
33 - B.J. Upton
77 - Denard Span (RC)
178 - Kosuke Fukudome (RC) '94 All-Time Heroes

207 - Ryan Garko '95 SP Top Prospects (At this point I guess I should make the distinction that this is SP as in the product design and not a short-printed card. I don't really feel like any of this set was truly short-printed, but then again, these are retail packs and the hobby packs are much different.)

Pack 5:
49 - Felix Hernandez
4 - Pedro Martinez
31 - Manny Ramirez (again)
12 - Jimmy Rollins (again)

122 - Matt Joyce (RC) '92 Minor League (Joyce was traded straight up to the Rays for Edwin Jackson. Hope he's worth it!)

275 - Hideki Matsui '04 Timeless Teams (In my tribute to Yankee Stadium, I'll show the back of the card. Matsui missed about half of the final season.)

I have updated my general want list to include the Cardinals I'm missing from the Timeline set.

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  1. And the blaster you got me of timeline gave me a what? A JOE MAUER relic! Though we have yet to decide where the swatch came from ... hmmm.


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