Monday, January 5, 2009

Token Weekly Blazers Post: Ouch!

Brandon Roy has been out with an injured hamstring. Suddenly, everything up is down and vice versa. The Blazers beat a team they had no business beating (Boston) and then lost to a team they should have handled given a decent lead and a Tyson Chandler ejection. What's going on with the Celtics right now, anyway? Boston has lost 4 of its last 6 after an amazing 27-2 start. The Blazers can't wait for Roy to come back, as putting Rudy Fernandez (vote him!) into the starting lineup has created a bit of a scoring void in the second unit.

About the card:
  • You can't go wrong with the goggles and the workman attitude Buck Williams brought to the court. Hoops kind of recycled the 1991-92 design with the set the following year and made it slightly better, but not a lot better.

Bonus: This Damon Stoudamire Fleer Authentix card was part of the 12 Days giveaway I received from TribeCards. There were 12 Blazers cards in all, none of which I owned. This is similar to another Authentix card I posted about awhile back. Cards with perforations are pretty intriguing to me for some reason.

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