Saturday, March 21, 2009

Catching Up

There are stacks of unsorted cards all over my apartment. It's getting out of control. There's also numerous stacks of packs that I haven't done anything with, foolishly thinking that I'll someday get to posting them to my blog or A Pack A Day. I'm also behind on some trades. And yet, I still want more cards. Since I have no money to spend on cards this weekend, I am going to devote at least a few solid hours trying to catch up. This post features some of the cards I picked up at a hobby store in my area way back in January. I've actually been back since, but I put everything I bought the first time (minus the packs) in a stack in a corner of my living room and had long since forgotten about it.

The Keith Hernandez rookie was a nice find. It's not in perfect shape, but it was marked down to $3 which is fine with me. I need to work on getting some more (affordable) cards from before 1979, which is the earliest year that I have a lot of cards from.

I absolutely love this set, especially the borders. I am going to have to add the remaining Cardinals cards I lack from it to my want list soon. I don't really know anything about it - apparently it is 2004 Fleer Greats (Beckett calls it Greats of the Game. Whatever.) I got a Billy Williams card from the set in a junky repack thing once upon a time and I've been curious about it ever since.

Poor Lindy McDaniel. I actually put this card back after my first initial shock from seeing it, but Erin sensibly added it to my stack of potential cards to buy. It's not nearly as off-center as my scanner made it out to be. It decided to cut off the entire left border. It was only a quarter, so why not?

I got a number of Ozzie Smith cards to add to the collection (about 10 or so) and this was probably the nicest looking one. Once upon a time someone probably spent a ton of money to "bust" some 2003 Sweet Spot Classic, but I only had to pay a quarter to get a card I really like.

Hologram cards are great! I can just see some waitress bringing this out for some Denny's diner along with his check after he just polished off a Grand Slam breakfast. Or she. Does Denny's give baseball cards to females, or do they get the "girl prize" like they used to do at McDonalds.

Darryl Kile. I need more of his cards. Does this design look a little familiar?

Rick Ankiel v. 1

I'm normally not one to drop cash on a manager card, but this was only 50 cents and serial numbered. Upon further inspection, the foil from the Topps logo appears to be missing. Weird.

I also nabbed a few Edmonds cards, and this is a nice shot of Edmonds in Wrigley... his future home for a spell. GAHHHHH!

Finally, I own a 1959 Topps card. This is my favorite Topps design, but I sadly owned nothing authentic from this set. This was marked down to $1 for some reason and I have no idea why, as there are no serious flaws (for a card from the late '50s anyway.)

Now this is just silly. I should try to pay for a dinner tab with this sometime.

Here's the grand finale - jersey cards of two of my favorite players. I paid $5 each, but it's worth it. Someday when I'm over my self-imposed eBay ban, I'll look for more stuff like this.

Why is the Ozzie swatch dark brown? In tiny print on the back, it reveals that it was from an official Padres game. Why isn't he pictured as a Padre, then? I still love the card, though. The sad thing is, I didn't make this discovery until today.

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  1. The Ozzie card is a hybrid that neither a Padres fan or a Cardinals would like.


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