Thursday, March 5, 2009

The Elusive Upper Deck

It's been almost impossible for me to find single packs of 2009 Upper Deck anywhere. I finally found some retail packs stashed away at a Fred Meyer's in Beaverton. I posted the first pack at APAD. Here are the other two that I bought.

Pack 1:
76 - Rich Harden
10 - Chris Young (The D-Backs guy, not the pitcher.)
87 - Mark Buehrle (I think it would be nice to see this guy in a Cardinals uniform one of these days. Hopefully before he turns 40, anyway...)
31 - Jeremy Guthrie (From Roseburg, Oregon. An exception, obviously.)
182 - Francisco Rodriguez (I put the over under on his saves in 2009 at about 28. It seems like big-time closers rarely have immediate success, if ever, after getting dealt.)
147 - Dan Uggla (I wonder if he'll decline any future All-Star Game invites.)
140 - Joel Zumaya (Ever since Rock Band 2 came out, Zumaya has felt guilty for ditching his first love.)

432 - Phillies Team Leaders (Yeah, these guys won a World Series. Weird.)
470 - J.D. Drew Season Highlights

301 - Politics - President of Russia 20th Anniversary Retrospective
480 - Nate McLouth Team Checklist
224 - Ray Durham
241 - Nick Evans (He's on my "never heard of this guy" list.)
207 - Juan Pierre (Any JP player collectors out there? AJ?)
258 - Ramon Castro

383 - Roy Halladay (Probably one of my favorite non-Cardinal starting pitchers, but probably mostly because of fantasy baseball.)
338 - Jeff Clement (Erin's new favorite player.)
318 - Kevin Kouzmanoff

Pack 2:
56 - Tim Wakefield (I can't believe he's still around.)
21 - John Smoltz (...)
84 - Jim Thome (Word Up Thome)
172 - Billy Butler
137 - Justin Verlander

102 - Joey Votto (Votto looks like a pitcher here.)

458 - LA Angels Team Leaders (I think I've mentioned this already, but I really like these team cards.)
474 - Cristian Guzman Team Checklist

USA-4 - Brian Duensing USA Baseball Retrospective (I haven't figured out Upper Deck's inserts at all, so I have no idea if this is supposed to be cool or not.)
466 - Derek Jeter Season Highlights
484 - Manny Ramirez Team Checklist
298 - Brad Lidge (Ugh.)
281 - Bobby Crosby
264 - Bobby Abreu (6 straight seasons with 100+ RBIs.)
337 - Jose Vidro
320 - Josh Bard

360 - Evan Longoria (He's ranked extremely high by Yahoo's fantasy league thing. Guess who I won't be drafting.)

343 - Albert Pujols (Best way to end a pack.)


  1. Longoria isn't your keeper? Who are you keeping instead? I forget ... your team(s) had slim pickins if I remember correctly ...

    Jeff Clement Auto card .. in my hand coming this JUNE! WOOO! heh.


  2. Where did we read this, perhaps Idiot by Johnny Damon, that it really hurts when players congratulatorily smack the batting helmet.


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